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The legendary underwater pencil from Maria Japan:  

Compared to the actions of traditional minnows and vibes, most anglers sometimes will like the feeling at the end of the line is weak. With this poor feedback, not many anglers put their faith in sinking pencils. However, if you are serious about what you do, and have the patience to quickly search a wider ranger of area for the prized fish, the sinking pencil becomes an indispensable lure of choice that is flexible enough to perform a wide range of actions. The Blues Code is an pretty old school lure, but has been reborn in a new design with improved castability, rolling actions and overall quality - The Blues Code II. 

Erratic underwater actions combined with a seriously impressive casting range:


Similar to typical sinking pencils, the best method to work this is to cast it out, allow 5-6 secs for the flutter down before jigging it madly back towards you. Rinse and repeat and you'll find alot of takes coming from the beautiful actions of the slow flutter. 

Colors Available:

For this hunt we've bringing in many proven colors that have alternative looks underwater, depending on the lumosity level, at a neat price point! 

  • Usual Retail Price: SGD 29-32
  • Grouphunt Price: SGD 22-23

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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