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Through more than 5 years and 37 iterations, we've meticulously designed Maku sandals wherever life takes us—from city streets to light trails, and every place in between. We wanted a sandal that we could wear every day, walk in, travel with, and still have it come out the other side looking like new. 

Our passion led us on a quest to track down some of the best materials and manufacturers in the world. We accepted nothing less than unmatched comfort, exceptional durability, and real versatility. Out of this (somewhat obsessive) journey was born the Maku sandals you see today. 

And now, we need your help—to make something that was once only available to a few select individuals, available to the entire world. We appreciate your support and everything you can do to help spread the word and get people as excited and passionate about Maku as we are. 

The Maku team - David, Hanane, and William

Grouphunt Deal

Maku sandals are designed to last and use proprietary tech to make sure your own pair can be adjusted in 3 different ways to fit your feet, just the way you like it. We need 50 orders for this hunt to succeed, so share this with your friends and join the hunt!



Designed and built to last for years, from some of the highest quality materials on the market.

Rubber sole

We tested 50+ types of rubber to find the one that was the most abrasion resistant, flexible, light, puncture resistant, and that had a versatile grip, with just the right shock absorbance. 


  • White on Tan: 100% genuine premium leather footbed
  • Red on Black: The footbed will either be made from an advanced 100% genuine premium leather with high color-fastness (i.e. color won’t fade or bleed), or an equally advanced material that has the same qualities as leather
  • Black on Black: Has an anti-slip rubber footbed and is ideal for wet environments

Maku straps

Custom produced especially for Maku, the straps (laces) are made from a special nautical (boating) fiber that resists saltwater, sun, abrasion, lasts for years, and yet is still very soft on the hands of sailors. It looks and feels softer than cotton.


If you're familiar with the concept of planned obsolescence, then maybe you're as irritated by the practice as we are. Planned Obsolescence is the practice of intentionally and artificially limiting the useful life of a product at the design phase for the purpose of driving more sales.

Maku lives on the opposite end of the spectrum. We're great believers in the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto, live by it every day, and have designed Makus that way. They're made with some of the best materials in the world, intentionally designed to last for years.



Sizes are available in US Women’s 4 to US Men’s 13 inclusive (EU 35-46), in whole sizes only. Please refer to the chart below to identify your EU size, as we will need your EU Shoe Size during checkout. 


Please use the table and instructions below to find your ideal sandal size. These instructions describe, in detail, how to measure your foot length and toe position and use these numbers to find your size.


If in doubt, take your measurements a second time to make sure they match, and email them to We're happy to choose the best size for you.


Foot length range (cm) Toe hole position range (cm) Euro US Men US Women UK
21.7 – 22.3 18.1 – 18.6 35 M4 W5 3
22.4 – 23.0 18.7 – 19.1 36 M5 W6 4
23.1 – 23.7 19.2 – 19.7 37 M5.5 W6.5 4.5
23.8 – 24.3 19.8 – 20.2 38 M6.5 W7.5 5.5
24.4 – 25.0 20.3 – 20.8 39 M7 W8 6
25.1 – 25.7 20.9 – 21.3 40 M8 W9 7
25.8 – 26.3 21.4 – 21.9 41 M8.5 W9.5 7.5
26.4 – 27.0 22.0 – 22.4 42 M9.5 W10.5 8.5
27.1 – 27.7 22.5 – 23.0 43 M10.5 W11.5 9.5
27.8 – 28.3 23.1 – 23.5 44 M11 W12 10
28.4 – 29.0 23.6 – 24.1 45 M12 W13 11
29.1 – 29.7 24.2 – 24.6 46 M12.5 W13.5  11.5 


Through this quick exercise, you’ll get two measurements:

  1. The length of your longest foot
  2. The position of your toe hole

Use these measurements in the table above to find your ideal size.



You will need:

  • A pencil.
  • A ruler.
  • A business card with sharp corners. Rounded corners won't work. (Or a sheet of paper folded 2-3 times into a small rectangle about the size of a business card)
fold a sheet of paper 2-3 times
  • Choose a floor surface on which you can make small pencil marks.
  • You will need to mark directly on the floor, marking on a paper can cause a full-size error margin.
  • Place one foot firmly on the floor, distributing your weight evenly.
  • Remain standing throughout the whole process, and do not move your foot. Ask a friend for help if easier.
place the business card against your toe

Place the edge of the card (or folded paper) against your longest toe as illustrated, and use the pencil to mark a dot on the floor at the corner of the card.

use the solid edge if folded paper

If you're using a folded paper instead of business card, make sure the "solid" edges are the ones in contact with the floor and your toe.

place the business card against your heel and mark the floor at the corner

Place the card (or paper) against the back of your foot (heel), at the longest point, and use the pencil to mark a dot on the floor at the corner of the card (or paper). Ask a friend for help if easier.

place the pencil between your first 2 toes and mark the floor

Place the pencil between your first two toes and push the pencil towards the inside of your foot as much as possible without causing discomfort. Make sure the pencil is vertical (avoid tilting it), then place a mark on the floor.

  • To get the length of your foot: measure the distance between the points from your heel to your longest toe to the nearest Millimeter (or 1/32 inch if you don't have a Centimeters ruler.)
  • To get the position of your toe hole: measure the distance between the points from your heel to your toe hole to the nearest Millimeter.

Repeat the above, from the beginning, with your second foot.


Identify the length of your longest foot and the length of your longest toe hole measurement. Then, in the table at the top of this page:

  • Find the size that corresponds to your toe hole position measurement
  • Find the size that corresponds to your foot length measurement

If you get two different sizes, go with the bigger size.


Find your perfect size here:


  • Maku uses proprietary tech to make sure your sandals can be adjusted to fit your feet, just the way you need it to. 
  • Maku sandals are designed to last years, not like the flimsy sandals we're used to buying that fall apart after a few months. 
  • Enjoy up to 20% OFF when you buy your Maku Sandals through Grouphunt!
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