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Massive Evolution in the Light Shore Jigging Scene

The Majorcraft KG Evolutions are specifically designed to handle hard fighting Pelagic fish like Queens, GTs and Cudas in open waters, but can also handle other applications like targeting of KBLs in tighter bay areas. It does this with a sensitive tip section that helps identifying short bite and a flexible belly section and a strong "Cross Force" butt section, this rod makes quick work of fishes while providing a challenging fight. Even with all these features, the price point makes it super affordable, highly versatile and truly a cutting-edge SW rod for anglers.

Grouphunt Deal:

Can we make an already affordable rod even more attractive? Of course we can! That's why you are browsing on Grouphunt :) Here's a breakdown of the deal we got for the KG Evolutions, which is nothing short of amazing. I'll be placing some own orders for this badboy, so help me make it a success!

  • Retail Pricing: S$238
  • Grouphunt Pricing: S$125 (If we hit more than 15 rods in total)

What this means is that if we get total of 15 orders or more, everyone gets their rod at S$125 each!!

Product Detailing:

Product Features:

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • johnboscong
    Hi there! You can pick one rod out of the three options - mix and match! You can choose the rod model you want in the checkout. let me know if it works!
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  • madgix
    Hi, I can choose one rod out of the 3 options? Or we all have to pick the same one? Cheers
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  • johnboscong
    This is an affordable rod for targeting fast moving pelagics (Queenies, Todaks, Cudas) where you need to cast far and crank extremely fast. The flexible nature of the rod tip helps with deliver micro movements to your popper/spoon/jig as well as identifyi
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