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That Eureka moment ...

Traditional Wallets often carry more than what you really need, and minimal ones can’t seem to carry enough.

What if you could carry exactly what you need and when you wanted to?

So we thought, it's time for a change.

We wanted a wallet that is more distinctive in its function and helps you to organize better. One that helps you to become more intuitive with what you own and gives you an experience that's almost magical.


A modular wallet that you can swiftly detach and reattach. With MAG’s magnetic hinge, simply stack, snap and you’re ready to go!

Simply Magical

Split, Snap or Stack! MAG makes accessing cards not just intuitive, but also enjoyable.

MAG’s simple magnetic hinge system allows your wallet to customize to your needs. Split out your things for a more organized wallet! Stack them up only when you need and whichever way you want. MAG promises you a unique experience like never before. Bringing less? It’s never been so easy.

Swivel up!
Swivel up!
Flip for quick access!
Flip for quick access!
Snap to carry more!
Snap to carry more!

 All That You Need

 MAG comes in 3 modules :

The fundamental

The top piece is designed with a slot at the bottom to reveal 1/16 of the card for quick access. The other slot at the side allows room for more cards & cash, just enough to carry the essentials.

(fits up to 3 essential cards and some cash)

The subsidiary

The center features an elastic band to hold the cash, and the back allows for a secure storage of a number of cards if you need more! 

(Holds up to 6 cards and more cash)

The pouch

A zipless and secure way to hold your loose items e.g. keys & coins.

Your Style, your Rules 

MAG comes in 3 colors you can simply mix around with!

Stone Grey
Stone Grey
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue
Scarlet Red
Scarlet Red

Made from the Best

MAG is constructed from water-resistant fabric originating from Japan, it gives off a premium feel while remaining amazingly thin, light and durable.

Sleek yet Sophisticated

Using high-tech laser cutting techniques, topped off with quality traditional workmanship, MAG not only looks distinctive from the rest of the crowd but is sleek enough to match any occasion, anytime.




Endless possibilities

Three different elements, three different functions, endless combinations. MAG was intimately created to customize for your needs. Each of the 3 elements was designed to be used either combined or on its own.


Minimal yet Roomy

Slim and sleek, MAG remains minimal even after being filled with 9 cards and 4 notes.




Strong & Secure

To ensure that MAG remains sufficiently strong and secure with all the 3 modules attached as one, strong rare earth magnets were employed in MAG. So, rest assured that the modules will not slip out of its hold!

Style up with MAG







( Unlocked ) Jet Black $20,000
( Unlocked ) Jet Black $20,000
Unlock Noir (MAG in monochrome gradient) $30,000
Unlock Noir (MAG in monochrome gradient) $30,000

 The Process

We have come a long way, spending months iterating our concept through multiple sketches & prototypes which include many rounds of user testing. We have worked very hard for this and now are finally proud to present MAG to everyone. Our next step is to execute & optimize our production plan so to reach out to more people and allow everyone to enjoy the experience of MAG.  




Our Schedule

November 2016: Start of Kickstarter Campaign

December 2016: End of Kickstarter Campaign

January 2017: Contact suppliers/Pre-production run

February 2017: Final optimization for manufacturing

March 2017: Final production

April 2017: Final production

May 2017: Packaging & Shipping

June 2017: Meet MAG!

About Team MAG

We are a team of industrial designers who came together because we shared a common belief in how design can create innovative and user-centred products. With that goal in mind, we managed to create a design that was not only great to use but awesome to make.

Follow us & Spread the word

We want MAG to contribute to make your daily life one bit easier & fancier. Do join us as a backer, or simply help us spread the word!   

Our launch video can also be found on Vimeo and Youtube


 Contact Us

If you have any queries, we can be contacted at

Our presskit with high-resolution images can be found here

Thank you everyone, who has helped us along the way!


Risks and challenges

Our team has dedicated a large amount of time planning and preparing for this product to be launched and we would hate to see it fail. In all ways possible, we are committed to make our backers satisfied with what they will receive. We are already in contact with suppliers that has years of experience within this area to make sure everything is running as it should. However, making sure everything is following the time-schedule is always a challenge, especially when it is a new product and given that we are a relatively small team. Nevertheless, do put your trust on us in delivering you the best & in the shortest time possible. If there is any unforeseeable circumstances that may present itself during the process of productions, we will be completely transparent with you. We value our backers because without you guys, MAG would just remain as a dream. We will keep you all updated along the way. Thank you for your support.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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