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 Madison & Oak

A beautiful whisky tumbler with a unique  one-piece oak body and stainless steel top ring for a new, handmade, exquisite drinking experience.

Madison & Oak is the new masterpiece from Nisnas Industries. It's a whisky tumbler made of one piece of American White Oak and capped off with an intricate stainless steel top ring. The ring acts to separate the oak body from the tasting experience, making this a unique and truly one of a kind tumbler. 

 The perfect shape and the Nisnas Difference, 

The shape of the Madison & Oak is taken from the original glass Madison whisky tumbler but made quite a bit smaller and we adjusted the lip to tighten up quite a bit more in order to concentrate the aroma. Combined with the honey wax that we carried over from the Honey Oak tumbler, this make the shape stand out and focus the drinking experience and make it a unique one. Check out the review that Shota gave the tumbler in the our live session and the link further down.


 The experience

The Madison & Oak experience is unique . The oak body of the tumbler combined with the honey wax that we make in-house created a unique base for the whisky. Much like the Oak Honey Whisky tumbler from our previous project only now the new shape and the stainless steel top add a singular feel. The neutral feel of the stainless allows the whisky to glide from the oak onto the lips with a smooth glide that leaves just the taste of the whisky and not the texture of the oak. It's a stunning experience.

 We created a specialized process to treat the surface of our wood tumbler. We do this for 2 main reasons, to seal oak so that it doesn't take in too much liquid while at the same time allowing it to come in contact with the Whiskey and add to an Oak tone to the drinking experience. 

Honey Wax

The tumbler is treated with a proprietary blend of beeswax, natural oils and honey extract to seal the oak and still allow it to breathe and take in hints of whiskey tones. This is done by hand, one at a time with extreme attention to the final product, then the tumblers sit and dry for several weeks before they are ready to drink from. 

 The stainless upper part

The stainless steel top of the tumbler is made in order to isolate the tasting experience from the oak aroma and taste. It is made as a neutral base between the whisky and the tasting experience. Making it requires both skill and design acumen, its a work of art in itself and attaches to the tumbler with a proprietary adhesive applied on the outside of the tumbler only. 

Madison & Oak is our take on the classic Madison Whiskey glass. It's all one solid oak piece with a stainless steel one-piece lip. The Madison&Oak is a progression of Nisnas Industries design from the original Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler and has several features that make it stand out. 

 Why Madison & Oak is special piece

We worked on the Madison&Oak as a continuation of our love affair with oak and whiskey. It is a direct evolution from our successful Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler which was a smash hit on Kickstarter. We wanted to make a piece that would enhance the drinking experience, would make the piece stand out in a sea of whiskey gear and be an elegant oak sculpture in its own right. 

The Madison&Oak is a unique drinking experience. Dont take our word for it, listen to Shota, a director of one of the world's biggest whisky bars give his take on the Madison & Oak:

Shota's first impression of the Madison and Oak

 The taste and the specialty wax

In our last Kickstarter project we worked together with our backers on a proprietary wax that we make in our workshop. it's an organic wax with a very slight tone of honey. After testing with our backers and tastings that we did worldwide we narrowed the field to 8 different waxes and our backers chose the wax blend that we use today. It seals the wood and provides a slight hint of sweetness to the wood. With the wax, this tumbler is exquisitely beautiful and accentuates the taste. Why an oak wood tumbler:  

Lots of folks love the taste of oak with their whiskey and a wood tumbler completes the final trip of the whiskey as its being tasted to provide a last send-off of oak. With the open shape at the bottom of the tumbler, that effect is accentuated. The contoured open top shape allows you to use your nose and your mouth with every sip, the sweet oak tones become more pronounced.

We use a specialty honey wax we make in-house
We use a specialty honey wax we make in-house

We promise and deliver

 We have a proven track record of delivering and living up to our word. We always deliver, door to door with exceptional care. Checkout our last project, we're very proud of it :)

Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler
Oak Honey Whisky Tumbler


We took cues from our Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler and used the same honey wax to seal the inside and the outside of the Madison but this time since the stainless steel is on the top and not the bottom, the wax is used with more layers to seal the bottom where there is now only wood. 




Each Madison and Oak comes individually packaged with a complimentary maintenance kit

This free maintenance kit which includes wax, sandpaper and a cool little bag to keep them in :)

The packaging is made with two objectives in mind. To protect the tumbler in transit and to be supremely beautiful. We created a cylinder with insulated top and bottom. The end are padded with foam on the top of the tumbler and its bottom. The packaging is then packed in a thin cloth bag and packed in a sealed padded envelope. The idea for us was to create a companion for the tumbler is a supremely beautiful and usable package. You can keep the packaging

The stainless steel lip

The stainless steel lip is a singular work of art, it took time, patience and precision to make it right and it fits on the wood with close to zero tolerances. The idea of this stainless steel piece is to provide the drinker with a completely neutral drinking surface so that the taste of the wood activates the bottom of the glass but that the whiskey would glide over a neutral surface on its way to being tasted. This creates a separation between the taste and the drinking experience which makes for a unique drinking experience we were not able to achieve with the Oak Honey Whiskey Tumbler. 

 Our promise and shipping:

We ship directly to you with a tracking number and most packages make it to your door within 10 days. We stress the quality of our shipping and make sure you get your package. Shipping NEEDS to be high quality and we will not use cheap shipping to cut corners. Shipping is the backbone of the contract between us and our backers.  


 Our quality:  

OK, we've been making gear since 2010 and have gotten progressively better at every single part of the process. We've learned to stress the small details. We partner with the best, do quality control ourselves (Just Yossi and Max that is). Each piece goes through the process with a careful hand and a watchful eye. We've learned to grow our ability to produce and not sacrificing quality. This was a hard learned lesson for us as with all entrepreneurs, we've learned from our mistakes and made great strides to turn any situation into a win for our backers. We try to stay humble and communicative while providing you with the best. We couldn't be more aware that there are a lot of lofty promises here on Kickstarter and often the product doesn't match the promise. Well, we do our utmost to live by our word and stand by it till you get the piece you love. Simple.

 The size

Size means so much for tumblers. The original Madison in glass is a very big piece and is supposed to accommodate lots of ice and a large quantity of drink. We made the Madison & Oak to be a smaller unit with a perfect opening, that is tighter and smaller to provide perfect aroma and vapor as the drink is experienced

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