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Introducing LunaR, the world's first solar powered smartwatch.

LunaR combines intelligent functionality and a timeless aesthetic with breakthrough solar technology. Designed with travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and watch aficionados in mind, LunaR is a modern, self-sustaining and functional wearable that will keep you connected, informed and on time––without the need to plug in and recharge.



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Designing LunaR

The LunaR team has put endless hours and effort into designing LunaR and optimizing its solar-harvesting capabilities. We’ve made countless prototypes. Tested. Refined. Redesigned. And finally reached a result that satisfied our thirst to redefine the smartwatch landscape.  

As Chief Designer, Gavin has been responsible for the design ethics and optimized comfort of LunaR. Known for an aversion to the word “no,” he helped the team push boundaries farther than they thought possible and reach goals that seemed unattainable.





LunaR's transparent solar panel harvests both natural and artificial light, and will retain full charge with a intensity of >10K Lux
LunaR's transparent solar panel harvests both natural and artificial light, and will retain full charge with a intensity of >10K Lux


Indoor and outdoor charging

Our days revolve around the sun, but we don’t always stop when it sets. Like us, LunaR can rely on both natural and artificial light. With a daily exposure of as little as 1 hour (>10k LUX), LunaR's solar panel can harvest enough power to deliver infinite battery life. You can easily check your watch’s current light-harvesting levels through the LunaR app.



A clear breakthrough in solar technology  

LunaR’s exclusive transparent solar panel was pioneered by Sunpartner, a leading solar technology company from France. Coined WYSIPS® (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface), this innovative technology harvests energy from a variety of light sources while still delivering allowing clear visibility through the panel.



Recharge with your watch

Like LunaR, we also run on sunshine. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and a healthy immune system. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of depression, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and the flu. LunaR lets you set your own daily sunshine exposure goals. Your LunaR app will keep you notified about your progression.


LunaR was thoughtfully designed to enhance travel, outdoor activity, and everyday experiences without ever causing the inconvenience of a low-battery or dying device.


When you travel, LunaR can show you 2 time zones: your local time (displayed through LED) and home time (displayed on hands).
When you travel, LunaR can show you 2 time zones: your local time (displayed through LED) and home time (displayed on hands).


Dual time zone

LunaR keeps you on time, wherever you are. With its built-in world clock function, LunaR easily reports the time for your current and home locations. This means you can display two time zones on one (analog) watch, keeping you seamlessly in sync with friends, family and colleagues.



Your local time is automatically updated according to GPS by the app. No GPS available? Just select the city of your choice and the correct time will be reflected on your watch.




Sunrise / sunset tracking

Maximize your daylight hours, monitor light-centric activities like hiking and surfing, outwit your jet lag and more. LunaR features integrated sunrise and sunset technology, providing accurate data for your current location through both LunaR embedded LEDs and on the dashboard page of the LunaR app.




App integration



LunaR's embedded LED array and vibration technology integrates with all of your apps, providing discreet, at-a-glance notifications so you don't have to upset the flow of your daily activities to stay connected, informed and on schedule.




Activity tracking

LunaR's accelerometer “feels” your movements, providing feedback and making it easy to reach movement objectives. Set a goal and check in on your daily progress through the app or LunaR’s patented LED dial technology. LunaR will give you a vibrating and visual LED notification when you beat your goal for the day.




LunaR will give you a vibrating and a visual LED notification when you beat your goal for the day. Another way LunaR helps you keep moving!



LunaR fits right into your active lifestyle.
LunaR fits right into your active lifestyle.


Sleep monitoring


Our research shows that healthy sleep is as important as physical exertion—that’s why LunaR gives you feedback on your waking activities AND your sleep. 

LunaR analyzes sleep health with a refined algorithm that tracks deep sleep, light sleep and time awake, evaluating data so you can easily understand and optimize your sleep habits. 

With bedtime integration, the LunaR app will alert you when it’s time for bed, automatically putting LunaR in sleep-tracking mode. At your designated wakeup time, you’ll be notified by a gentle vibration alarm.



Water resistance

With waterproofing up to 5ATM (50 meters), you don’t need to worry about LunaR getting splashed, soaked or dunked. You can even swim with it.




 What's in the box


1. LunaR Smartwatch |  2. Nato strap | 3. Pins (used for attaching the strap) | 4. USB Charger (just for emergencies!)
1. LunaR Smartwatch | 2. Nato strap | 3. Pins (used for attaching the strap) | 4. USB Charger (just for emergencies!)


Time-centric features.

Timeless good looks. Each element of LunaR’s design—from the classically inspired dial and sleek case to these contemporary straps—was chosen with excruciating care, always keeping our user’s lifestyle and personal style top-of-mind.




With a simple interface and intuitive functionality, the Lunar app makes it easy to see and analyze all data aggregated by the watch. 



The LunaR app will be available for Android and iOS, accompanied by a team of developers dedicated to its ongoing evolution and improvement.



Movement: Japanese; MIYOTA SUPER GL26 
Casing: 316L 
Thickness: 13.3mm
Diameter: 41mm 
Glass: Sapphire Coated Glass or Sapphire Crystal Glass (delivery in 2018) 
Water resistance: 5ATM

Battery type: Rechargeable Li-polymer 110mAh 
Bluetooth: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0
Chipset: Nordic BLE
Sensors: MEMS 3-axis accelerometer

Works with: iOS 10 (and higher) and Android 4.3 (and higher)
Health: compatible with Apple Healthkit and Google Health 



Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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