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The dancing shrimp in the perfect size with engineered action that is livelike and deadly!

The Hanebix is developed with care by Little Jack to target all eaters of fish and crustaceans that react to the flashing of blades, irregardless of whether in fresh or seawater. Unlike other shrimp lures, the Hanebix has a extremely well tuned balance set, one that does not allow them to fall sideways to matter how you work it, keeping the "prawn" in a upright position that is the most enticing for fish. The use of natural feathers also help stabilises the way the lure flutters down in the water, diagonally and at a perfect speed for triggering bites - this means even small nibbles can result in a solid hook up.

Grouphunt Deal

Omgosh! Finally a shrimp lure that combines realistic and detailed finishing with a livelike action - I'm pretty excited about this! If you haven't tried working a lure like this before, this is your chance to test it out for cheap! Join the hunt and save together as a community:

  • Retail Pricing: S$24.3
  • GroupHunt Pricing: S$14.9 (20 orders and more)

This means if we get 20 orders or more, that's a whopping 40% OFF!

Product Details & Lure Action:

Colors Available:

Available in 50mm and 60mm sizes, in 10 colors:

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • johnboscong
    Have been looking for a plug that looks like our staple shrimp bait for the longest time. I've seen shrimp in these sizes skipping the waters near TMFT, these should be killer there with a fast lift and drop method that allows for the blades to flash! Goo
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