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Hello! We are Dominic Crinson and Brenna Jensen and we have designed the Lightcase to help you take great photos of small things using your smartphone. We both run our own creative businesses designing, making, marketing and selling. Time is precious when you are wearing all the hats. So we needed a quick and easy way to photograph our products to help us sell and promote our work online. All you need is the Lightcase, a smartphone/camera and some natural light and you can get professional looking photos of your work in an instant.

Lightcase is a mini photographic studio that gives you a quick, affordable and low-tech way to get clear, sharp and well lit photos. We designed it especially for creatives selling in the various online marketplaces such as Etsy, Folksy, DaWanda, Made it, Zibbet, Ebay, and of course HAYSTAKT! But it's also a great tool for bloggers and for social marketing on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and just about anywhere you need great photos of what you do.

Designers using the Lightcase in their studios

Product shots taken with the Lightcase. The Lightcase comes with three backgrounds: white, black and semi transparent.

How to use the Lightcase

Setting up the Lightcase is easy! Light diffuses through the frosted polypropylene so you don't need lighting equipment. it's durable, easy to clean and takes less than 30 seconds to set up so you'll always have clean, crisp studio quality photos. When you're done, it folds down into an A4/US Letter sized folder.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Set up the Lightcase by popping and clicking it into shape
  2. Place near a source of natural light
  3. Choose your background: frosted, white or black
  4. Position object and smart phone (or camera) Zoom to frame and shoot

You can take photos easily from above by placing your smartphone on the top of the case and lining up the lens with the camera hole. Or clip in one of the backdrops for a seamless infinity background when photographing from the front. There are three backgrounds, white, black or frosted (semi transparent for a backlit lightbox effect).

Shoot from the front or from the top

Use the backdrops to give you a seamless background


  • Take top quality professional images generating more sales
  • Attract the press with your clear reflection free photos
  • And most importantly... the less time you spend photographing your products the more time you have for creating!

Jewellery and other small objects photograph beautifully using the natural light from a window (work by Polly Vanderglas)

The Lightcase creates a bright, well lit, clean space for your product photography. (Ann Ferguson Ceramic Artist)

Finished a new product? Photograph your work instantly with your phone, then upload to your marketplace and start selling! (Abigail Brown)

Who needs a Lightcase?

Everyone! Anyone selling and marketing their products online needs a Lightcase. You can use it to scan documents, digitise photos and as a mini animation studio. Use your smartphone or other camera and get great product photos.

The list of products you can photograph is endless but we think it would be especially useful for makers of jewellery, fashion accessories, ceramics, books, cards, toys etc... Or perhaps you have an Ebay shop selling vintage memorabilia or small collectibles... Just about anyone making and selling unique smaller objects should have a Lightcase? You can even use it to scan photos and documents and do stop-frame animation. There are so many great apps out there for image processing, animation and photographic effects, creating images with the Lightcase is a lot of fun.

Lucy Armstrong using the Lightcase to photograph her textile work

Small businesses selling online can take great product shots in an instant, it's so easy with the Lightcase. (Fabrications London)

Genealogists and those wanting to preserve photos can use the Lightcase to digitise family albums

Wargaming enthusiast using the Lightcase to document his highly detailed miniatures using an Iphone5

You can photograph inside using lighting or outside in the natural light (Dominic Crinson Tile Designer)

Foxes by Cobbled

Use any smartphone or DSLR or other camera to shoot from the front with the infinity backgrounds (Textile artist Abigail Brown)


So what makes the Lightcase so brilliant?

  • It?s portable and folds down to the size of a standard piece of paper
  • It's quick and easy to set up
  • It's made from frosted polypropylene which diffuses the light source to create an even, reflection-free background and softer shadows on the object within
  • It comes with three background colours: white, black and frosted (semi-transparent for back lighting) in a material that won't crease
  • You can photograph products from above with a smartphone or from the front using any camera
  • Upload quality images straight to your e-marketplace
  • Take professional looking photographs for your newsletter/press releases, other social marketing
  • Other uses ? scan documents, digitise your family photos, stop frame animation...

With a Lightcase you don't need:

  • Professional Lighting
  • Unwieldy Tripods
  • Expensive camera equipment

Design and Manufacture

We have been developing and testing the Lightcase with designer makers over the past year. It all started out as a simple method to photograph the tiles that I make. Using thick sheets of polypropylene, I made a simple box with a large hole on top so that the SLR camera could sit on a tripod and shoot through the top. This wasn't ideal as light would seep in through the large opening. I put another sheet on top with a small hole this time and placed my iphone on top - this worked remarkably well. When Brenna saw this she saw potential in photographing her own products not only from the top but also through the front using a curved backdrop. With help from a manufacturer we developed a box that could be folded down into a simple wallet for portability using 0.6mm thick polypropylene. The first prototype did not clip together well and had strength issues so we redesigned it with new sides and a different tabs structure. The Lightcase can now be set up in seconds, it looks elegant and is robust enough to carry any smartphone.

Lightcase takes seconds to set up and will help you take amazing photos without the hassle of big shot camera equipment, professional lighting, makeshift backgrounds, tripods etc. It will save so much of your valuable time, money and effort.

Lightcase is made from polypropylene. Polypropylene is made up from carbon and hydrogen, and is manufactured without any dangerous emissions. It can be recycled up to 50 times.

Our manufacturers have produced the prototypes shown in the images. Your funding will go towards the setting up of the die cuts from which the polypropylene case can be manufactured and then the production of the minimum order quantity required.

Production takes just 4 - 5 weeks and you will receive the Lightcase flat packed into its neat A4 case with additional backdrops in white, black and frosted and instructions. Having just set it up once you will easily be able to pop it into shape on the go.

The Lightcase will come as a flat pack A4/US letter sized folder with 3 backdrops (white, black, and frosted).

Admin & Shipping Info

  • This group order is only available for those residing in Singapore
  • For orders outside of SG, additional shipping may apply. Please drop us a note at before ordering.
  • After the hunt ends, we'll update everyone via email.
  • No returns are available.
  • Product ships in 2-4 weeks after the campaign ends.
  • Estimated ship date is 30th July 2015


Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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