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Instagram is so hot right now and so is ‘flatlay’ — an ordered, structured way to arrange items for photography. If you make and / or sell things online then this mini pop up photo studio will give you amazing photos using just your smart phone.

Lightcase #Flatlay is the largest of the Lightcases. It was developed in response to the international Maker community wanting a super simple way to create affordable professional #flatlay images to showcase their products on Instagram and social media.


 It’s all about the images. Now that Facebook owns Instagram you can already see its going to be the next big retail marketing platform. If you’re an online seller you know you need to make your goods look as sweet as possible. Lightcase gives you professional looking images without complicated lighting setups or expensive equipment.


How? The diffusion of light. The light hitting the sides of the translucent polypropelene Lightcase diffuses the light that comes to rest on your objects. Professionals strive for this sort of evenly lit result. Using just the available ambient light, Lightcase nails it every time.






 Lightcase takes less than 30 seconds to assemble. Depending on how long you take to shoot and add your tags, your image could be live on Instagram in less than a minute. Whoah! Detailed #Flatlay set ups takes a little longer than that of course.



 In response to the feedback from the worldwide maker community about our first two Lightcases this version has no base. You can take it anywhere and pop it over any surface so the result is only limited by what you can find or what you can make to put Lightcase over. You can add an infinite backdrop for front angle shooting. 


We like making things.
We like making things better even better. 

This is our third Lightcase and our third Kickstarter campaign. 

Lightcase (Released 2014) 
Our first Lightcase was made for people who wanted to be able to get professional photographic results using a smart phone and an inexpensive flat-pack, pop-up photo booth. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and sent 1,341 Lightcases out into the big wide world. Then we were inundated with so much positive feedback from the global maker community so we started thinking about how we could make Lightcase better. 

Lightcase Pro (Released 2015
Using really diverse feedback from our customers who were using the original Lightcase we decided to make it 175% bigger and expandable. After another successful Kickstarter campaign we sent 1,060 Lightcase Pro to crafty, arty, photo peeps all over the globe. 

Lightcase #Flatlay (To be released 2016) 
Lightcase #Flatlay is what this Kickstarter campaign is for. It’s not that it’s better than our earlier versions (we have no favourites in our family!), it’s just different. It allows for square format photos so suits Instagrammers perfectly. And with no base it can be placed over anything for infinite background options.

Dom Crinson — father, artist, designer, inventor 

Dom has always been thinking, tinkering, designing, making and, well, dreaming. Commercially he has made a name for himself in the UK interior design world with his range of ceramic tiles for high end luxury residential and commercial spaces. This has been able to fund his true passions of art and ceramics where he has also gained significant worldwide praise. 

Though at the moment he is focused on making Lightcase better. It all started because his maker partner was looking for a way to photograph her wares to sell online in places like Etsy. Lightcase grew out of trial, error, feedback and success via working with his local maker community.

There are now over 3500 Lightcases worldwide. 

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