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?LEVIT8 is a flat folding standing desk, with a twist (literally)! 

LEVIT8 gives us the freedom of transforming any ordinary desk into a sit-stand desk anytime, anywhere, and quickly! 

No parts, no assembly. It utilises an age-old box-twist folding technique. So with a simpletwist and fold, it flattens so you can easily tuck it away into our shelf or bag.

No refurnishing. No hefty price tags. 

You now have a cool and affordable way to start off your journey towards a healthier (and more fun!) way of working.

LEVIT8 your laptop anytime, anywhere.

Even outdoors!

Do you, or someone you know often spend hours sitting and using their laptops?

An average person spends about 10 hours each day sitting. Studies have shown that sitting all day makes us less productive and might even shorten our lifespan by increasing the risk of certain diseases. Even among those who exercise regularly! They say it?s "the new smoking?. Many people are turning to standing desks, but standing all day is isn't the solution. Our bodies are just not built to be still, we?re built to move! 

Movement is key, no matter how small. Just switching between sitting and standing positions goes a long way in combating the dangers of our largely sedentary lifestyle!

Why couldn?t we find a suitable sit-stand desk? 

We wanted a hybrid sit-stand station that allowed us to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing. Something as portable as our laptops, since we use them everywhere.

But other portable standing desks available are either too expensive, bulky or troublesome. 

So we created LEVIT8.

Who is LEVIT8 for?

LEVIT8 is...

Fuss Free. No parts. No assembly. This allows you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing to stay rejuvenated and alert at work.

Simply open, cross, twist and you're set!

LEVIT8 is made of a single loop of 8 triangular panels which gives it its easily collapsible box-spiral folding mechanism!

Slim and lightweight for true portability and easy storage. LEVIT8 occupies minimal space. Slip it into your bag, shelf or laptop case (if you're using an S or M-sized LEVIT8)!

Lighter than a Macbook Air!

Ergonomic. LEVIT8 gives you the freedom to stand or sit when you?re tired or aching from staying in the same position for too long. By choosing the right height, LEVIT8 keeps your shoulders relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees that experts recommend. Laptops have an inherent ergonomic fault: the screen is next to the keyboard, so you always have to look down. But if you have a detached keyboard, LEVIT8 helps to raise the screen to eye level when you sit to type.

LEVIT8 is available in 3 sizes, to accommodate the majority of users. 


Durable. Crafted from especially tough fabric that is water-repellent and stain-proof, LEVIT8 is hardy enough to follow you on all your adventures and survive your coffee spills!

It?s water-repellent...

...and stain-resistant! Accidentally spilled coffee? Don?t worry, just wipe it right off!

Stable and weight-bearing. LEVIT8 is more than able to support your larger, heavier laptops.
It holds more than 20 times its own weight!

Versatile. When you?re not using it to elevate your laptops, LEVIT8 has many other uses! Now it?s up to you to get creative!

Always keeping stray documents in your bag? Use LEVIT8 as a temporary folder!

Or as a magazine holder!

Or as a display holder to showcase your own designs!

Who are we? 

Levit8 Co. is a team of three passionate Industrial Designers based in Singapore. We?re geeks and dreamers who love to observe daily life, imagine new worlds and develop fun and functional solutions for people on the go. With 6 years of industry experience, our backgrounds range from Experience to Interaction Design, Product Engineering to Marketing.

How do I choose the right size for myself?

Desks and tables come in a standard size of 29 1/2", so you simply need to order the one that fits your height. Experts say it's best to keep your shoulders relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • huijie
    hi, Can i know what is the height of the XL when set up ? I don't seem to see the dimensions on this page nor the other sites. Thanks!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Hi Huijie, it's 16" which is about 40.64cm (:
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    hmm... but isn't the Large 40cm after set-up, I would think the XL will be taller.?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Hey Huijie! You brought up a very good point! We've checked the rest of the Levitates and realised that there's a conversion error in the graphics! S- 8.8 inches = 22.35 cm M- 10.2 inches = 25.91 cm L- 13.1 inches = 33.27cm XL- 16 inch = 40.46cm These measurements are when the levit8 is open and standing (:
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Also, thank you sharp eyes for spotting that! We're leaving 20 Grouphunt credits in your account! (:
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    why, thanks Jane! :)
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    You're most welcome!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • sherlyn85
    do i have enough space to use my mouse?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Nice! but isnt $41.90 more than the quoted $32 on kickstarter?
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • louislim
    Quite a genius solution, plus supporting local designers!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • louislim
    Quite a genius solution, plus supporting local designers!
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
  • Sign in or Register to leave a comment
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