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The dock your iPhone deserves - Made just for it!

  • Sleek and clean design comes in matching iPhone colour variations.  A perfect pair.
  • Proprietary FlexMech allows for safe and stable one handed undocking.
  • Headphone jack supports use of mic to answer calls.  A desktop essential.
  • Build out of unibody Aluminium.  Just like how Apple does it!

Grouphunt Deal includes 1x Lecon I/O Dock in your choice of colour.  Grab yours now!

We found most docks available today lack good design and are made with poor quality materials. The metal versions are just empty shells that required the user to thread cables and offer just one function. We wanted to build a dock that felt complete and contained cutting edge electronic features. We set upon to create something pure, unobstructed, while offering innovation that does not exist today.

Lecan I/O - The worlds first MFi certified iPhone dock featuring a Lightning port and Audio Out with Mic function, (Lecan pronounced LE-CAN). The Lightning port allows you to directly connect any Lightning to USB cable. The Audio Out with Mic enables you to plug-in headphones /w mic for music or make or receive calls without the need to undock. Effortless one handed undocking, compatible with cases and a minimalistic unibody aluminum design combined to create the perfect place for your iPhone outside of your pocket.

 The Lecan I/O dock was created to achieve the perfect balance of design and functionality. Out of the box ready, featuring an internal PCB board eliminating any additional assembly. Constructed from a single block of aircraft grade Aluminum. Designed to exude pure minimalism, perfectly complimenting the iPhone unlike any Dock before.          




Lightning Receptacle – (a rare feature usually only found on Apple docks) A whole new level of convenience - Just plugin any Lightning Cable and your done! - No more disassembly or threading cables through the product. Combined with the Audio out + MIC function-a worlds first for a MFi iPhone dock.




Audio Out with Mic function – Just plug in any 3.5 mm iPhone compatible headphones with microphone function to listen to music and make or receive telephone calls without the need to undock your iPhone - Smart functionality built right in! 

The Audio Out feature allows you to output your music directly to your stereo system for high fidelity sound without the limitation of the iPhones internal amp. 

iPhone 7/7Plus users can plug 3.5 mm headphones directly into the Dock without the need for headphone dongles. Simultaneously charge your iPhone while listening to music. 



Enhanced undocking – The internal design was engineered to precisely allow the lightning connecter to flex forward 15° when you undock. This greatly enhances the undocking experience making it easier, and overall safer for your iPhone’s connector than a rigid stationary connection.



Undocking made easy – Using our custom designed made in Japan micro suction pad and aided by the weight of the unibody construction, this dock stays planted. With minimal effort, using just a single hand - undock your iPhone in one fluid motion.


Works with or without cases – Use the dock any way you like! Intelligently designed interchangeable support pad provides both horizontal and lateral support for your iPhone. Supports virtually all thick or thin cases except cases with flaps over the Lightning connector.



Available in all six iPhone colors including new Jet Black and Black color options for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The Jet Black finish due to its specialized finishing process will inherently show micro abrasions. These are normally not visible at useable lengths.


Designed like no other – Created without compromise, from the Lecan I/O’s clean lines, to the way it appears to float from above it’s surface, to it’s built-in Lightning receptacle and Audio out.

Engineered like no other – Unibody precision CNC'd from a single block of aircraft grade Aluminum. Other manufacturing methods like casting or mold production cannot match the same quality. 

Finished like no other – An intensive, thorough multi-step process of pre-finishing, fine glass bead blasting, electrochemical micro-polishing followed by anodization and thermal sealing. This results in a finish matching the appearance of the iPhone perfectly. 

Made for the desk – Your iPhone angled smartly for viewing notifications or FaceTime calls. This is far better than being laid flat on a desk.



Dock in so many places – How about on the Nightstand. Easy to locate in the dark. Lots of us use our phones as our primary alarm clock – make this process easy by knowing the exact location in a dim-lit room. Makes selecting the snooze function a snap.  

The Kitchen countertop  We all love to cook and then a call comes in, making it impractical to grab the phone with messy hands. The Lecan I/O dock solves this problem by keeping the phone upright and at an optimal viewing angle and great for speaker phone calls. Also, superb for viewing cooking recipes.





Titanium Edition 

Precision CNC’d from Titanium. A metal rarely used in docks, making this the ultimate Lecan I/O Dock.

Titanium is an incredible metal. As strong steel but only 45 percent the weight. Twice as strong as aluminum and yet only 60 percent heavier. 

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