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Grouphunt deal features ONE LAER Laptop Sleeve, ONE Small Battery, ONE Large Battery, ONE LAER Sling Bag and ONE QI Wireless receiver for phone :)

We spent the last year creating LAER (pronounced layer) to simplify your life. It's a bluetooth enabled laptop sleeve that replaces all chargers, adapters, cables and portable batteries with one compact device made for travel and working on the go. 

Features include DC charging for PC, Surface and Mac (MagSafe), USB-C Power Delivery, USB Quick Charge 3.0, QI wireless charging, switchable battery capacity, adapters for all countries, controlled via app, and tracking with TrackR.

Charge your laptop (Mac & PC), smartphone and tablet simultaneously wherever you are.


Which would you rather carry?

Use LAER... 

  • While traveling. Instead of having to pack chargers, adapters and power banks you just bring LAER. You don’t need an adapter for different countries as LAER comes with all of them. 
  • When charging your devices at night. You can charge all of them via LAER from one socket. You don’t need to worry about plugging in multiple devices and power banks separately. 
  • When working remotely. Use LAER to charge all your devices. Plane, train, coffee shop etc. 
  • In between meetings. Charge your devices inside your bag while on the move. 
  • In the morning when you are heading out you just grab LAER with the laptop already inside and charged along with the built in battery.

Works with all major laptop brands 

Featured in... 




LAER doesn’t look like any other laptop sleeve, it’s designed to stand out. We designed a composite material specially for LAER allowing the sleeve to be durable, and lightweight. 

The outer material is a nylon fabric chosen for its durability and aesthetic, the padding is a dense foam to protect your laptop from impact, and the inner fabric is a soft material to protect from scratches.


We designed a closure system that allows you to keep LAER as compact as possible when not in use. Our two magnet system switches between charging and resting modes seamlessly providing extra room for the laptop connectors when needed.

The magnetic closure system also allows you quick, easy access to your laptop whenever you need it.


The cartridge system we designed for the battery allows you to easily switch between lower and higher capacity batteries thereby choosing the amount of power and weight you carry with you that day.



Travel light with our ultra compact sling bag specifically designed to carry your LAER case. Includes:

  • Wireless charging for your phone in the front pocket 
  •  Back pocket for connectors 
  • Luggage strap for your carry on 



Charging examples for small & large battery


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