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The Pinnacle of Pour-Over Evolution

Our ceramic filter employs technology that largely removes bitterness, rounds off all the rough edges, and allows the natural sweetness of the bean or the leaf to step forward into the spotlight, for an all-new pour over experience. The resulting beverage is crystal clear, totally smooth, and completely enjoyable.
 For those who always take sugar in their tea or coffee, try it without using our Ceramic Filter. We might just change your mind, and your lifestyle to the Pinnacle of Pour Over Evolution!

Our ceramic filter contains countless pores measuring mere microns in diameter.

Our ceramic filter presents the user with the ideal pour over system. The flow rate is adjustable, like paper or mesh screen, and is dependant on the amount of water poured into it. Tailor-make your coffee strength by adjusting not only the amount of water poured, but by the grind type as well. We recommend a medium to medium-course grind.

Our taste analysis illustrates the filter's
resulting removal of bitterness from a beverage.

Bitterness is largely removed and any roughness is smoothed out quite nicely. These refinements equal nothing short of enhanced enjoyment! Our taste analysis was conducted by the Intelligent Sensor Technology Corporation, Taste Analysis TS-50002, Saga Industrial Technical Center


How to make your favorite coffee

1.  Using warm water, ensure water flows at an acceptable rate through your filter. If not, please unclog your filter using our recommended methods.

2. Place your desired amount of medium to medium-course ground coffee in your filter. Adjust to taste.

3. Pour your kettle boiled water into the filter over your coffee, Several pours may be required. Flow rate may be determined by how much water is added to the filter at any one time. For a stronger coffee, add water in smaller, more frequent pours.

 This filter may be used for a variety of beverages, not just coffee.
Daily water use. Filtering tap water results in a softer water flavour. Ideal for water destined for cooking rice, soups, or stews.
May also be used for wine or spirits.
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