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Introducing Water Fall by KOR. Our truly innovative design uses long-lasting, eco-friendly filters to ensure crystal clear water that tastes delicious. 

"An elegant alternative...inspired by pour-over coffee" - Fast Co.DESIGN

Most of us have tried a filtered pitcher and found them cumbersome and frankly, unattractive.  After years of trying different filtered pitchers, we kept coming back to the same two problems:

  • After the water is filtered, why does the filter stay in the pitcher or carafe?

  • Why can we only filter one pitcher at time?

We spent nearly two years creating the first beautiful product that solved these issues.  Since we started KOR, we've been designing better ways to hydrate and "live life at our KOR".  After years of reinventing the reusable water bottle, we’re proud to announce Water Fall by KOR, another product that will disrupt the norm, improve the environment and change lives for the better.


  • Includes Water Fall stand, filter, and two (2) glass carafes.
  • Filter made from coconut shells lasts 4 months, twice as long as typical pitcher.
  • Glass carafes hold 1 liter (4 cups), the same volume as Water Fall top reservoir.

Our Inspiration

Water Fall takes its inspiration from pour-over coffee.  By suspending the filter above the carafe in a stand, Water Fall allows the filter to do it's job while setting your water free. 

This small change offers massive improvements by allowing you to filter as much water, in as many glass carafes, as you want and when you want.

How It Works

We developed Water Fall by KOR to deliver clean, great-tasting water in a very simple yet iconic design.   Every function and component has been deeply considered to create an incredible experience.  

Filtering water with Water Fall is really simple.  

  1. Start by filling a carafe with water from the faucet and pour into the top reservoir.  We’ve taken the guess work out of how much water to use; both the glass carafe and the upper reservoir hold one (1) liter.  

  2. Next, place the carafe below the filter and turn the on/off knob to allow the water to drop through the filter into the carafe.  Place the cap on the carafe and enjoy.

  3. Repeat this process with multiple carafes.


With Water Fall, you can easily create different water options, such as still or infused water and either cold (refrigerator) or room temperature - it’s your call.

Leave the Filter Behind

Water Fall lets you leave the filter behind so you can serve your water from beautiful glass carafes.  

All Natural Filter

The filter is the most critical element of any water filter device, and with Water Fall by KOR we worked hard to create the best. 

Made from Coconuts

We partnered with world-class experts to help us develop a natural, coconut shell filter that produces clean, great-tasting water.  

Coconut shells are widely recognized as the most effective material for carbon filtration and they are a renewable and health-safe resource.

Filters Chlorine AND Chloramine

The filter for Water Fall is expected to meet the filtration standards for NSF 42 in the categories of chlorine AND chloramines.  We state this with high confidence as our internal independent tests have confirmed meeting this certification standard.  Our plan is to formally seek certification as we finalize development (note: certification not yet confirmed).

During our research and development of Water Fall, we sought to develop the best gravity-based filter possible.  While traditional, market-leading pitchers filter chlorine and some minor contaminants (achieving an “NSF 53” certification), most filters fail to filter chloramines.  Chloramines are disinfectants used to treat drinking water and are most commonly formed when ammonia is added to chlorine.  While chloramines kill bacteria and germs, we shouldn't be consuming them.  It’s a nasty secret most of us don’t know about but 30% (and growing) of US municipal water uses chloramine to treat water. (To learn more about chloramines, read this.)

Most traditional filters use only activated carbon, which removes chlorine but fails to significantly reduce chloramines.  The coconut shells used in our Water Fall filter are converted to catalytic carbon, which is highly effective in removing both chlorine and it’s ammonia-laced cousin, chloramines, from tap water.

Long-Life and Optimal Flow Rate

Our filter is expected to last 80 gallons (or up to 4 months), which is twice as long as traditional filters.  This not only saves money, it’s better for the planet.  Instead of using 6 filters over the course of a year, Water Fall only needs 3.

We optimized Water Fall’s filter flow rate (the speed in which water flows through the filter into the carafe) so that it achieves the desired effectiveness but offers a good flow rate. 

Filter Subscription Right on Time

Water Fall offers a filter subscription service that delivers new filters right to your door, just when you need them.  We realize the challenge with any filtration device is (1) knowing when to change the filter and (2) having easy access to obtain new filters.  KOR pioneered a filter subscription service that ensures you’ll have fresh, clean filters available and be notified exactly when it’s time for a change.

We pioneered KOR's filter subscription with our development and launch on Kickstarter of the KOR Nava.  We were thrilled that only 10 months after fulfillment to Kickstarter backers, our Nava was awarded "Product Accessory of the Year" by Inc. Magazine..  

Our Glass Carafe

Water Fall by KOR comes standard with two (2) glass carafes and you can add as many as you like.  Unlike a filtered pitcher, you're not stuck with only one water option.

Multiple carafes allow you to prepare multiple types of water based on preference. 

In the home, glass is such a perfect and natural option for storing and serving your water.  We spent a lot of time considering the design of KOR’s carafe. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to pick up, carry and pour water and each carafe also comes with a beautiful lid that completes its' iconic profile.

Color Options: White or Black

Water Fall by KOR is available in two color options: White and Black in matte finish.

A Perfect Fit

Water Fall has a striking design that would make one proud to display on the kitchen counter-top.  The Water Fall stand, filter and carafe create an artistic design with a minimal counter-top footprint.   Similar to other counter-top devices, such as a coffee/expresso machine or soda-making-device, Water Fall by KOR is designed to fit neatly under most kitchen counter cabinets and measures 16.5” tall by 7" wide.

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