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Sitting on the fence about this? We recently took the Koowheel out for a spin so check it out! Be warned. You might end up getting one :P

Ain't nobody got time for walking... It's time to pimp up that last mile!

Grouphunt Special Offering:

  1. Mix-and-match colour customisation for Front and Back (Motor) Wheels.  This time its personal!
  2. Free Battery Upgrade (4300mAh to 5500mAh) worth $50
  3. Free tutorial session (Date and Venue TBC after the hunt)


  • 10 ORDERS - Official Koowheel Lanyard (Badge of honor)
  • 20 ORDERS - Knee Guards (Cause we be burning up the track!)
  • 50 ORDERS - Both Lanyard and Knee Guards (Cause two is better than one~)
  • 80 ORDERS - Both Lanyard and Knee Guards and an Ofiicial Koowheel T-Shirt!

This deal only gets better when more of us hunt together!  WE NEED YOU! 


ATTENTION GROUPHUNTERS!  During this negotiation phase the KooWheel Team has been kind enough to loan us a KooWheel Longboard for you guys to have a hands-on experience with it!  If you're popping by to self-collect or even just to say hi to us, feel free to head down to our HQ at Playfair Road to request for a demo ride on this awesome board :)  We guarantee you'll pick it up in under 5 minutes!


About Koowheel Asia

Our mission at Koowheel is to make urban commuting not only safe but also fun. We want to discover an efficient way of travelling in the neighborhood without reliance on public transportation; so that we can be fully independent. We have been researching and developing on short distance travelling equipment and technology since the beginning of 2009 and have been successful in our breakthrough in technology. 

Technical Specifications

Top Speed: 35 KM

Max Range: 30 KM

Weight: 7.5 KG

Battery Capacity: 4300 mAh

Battery Charge Time: 2.5 HRS

Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty (Both Board and Battery Covered)

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  • Kai Wei

    A big hello from the Koowheel team!

    We would like to address some of the concerns from our earlier generation boards.

    1) Disconnection issue with the board and the remote:
    The first iteration of the board, we realize that the Athena that is connected to the mainboard is too short and is only buried internally in the motherboard itself. To increase the connectivity we have since extended the Athena beyond the mainboard itself and is now on the board itself (connected from below to the top) hence resolving the disconnection issue. Talk to us and we can send you the video of the improvement too.

    Our latest test is based on 2 lamp post distance which is at 50m apart from the remote and the board.

    2) Speed reduction as the battery on the board turns to 50% is a safety mechanism designed to prevent the mainboard from overheating. This helps to prolong the product life cycle of our Longboard. Also with the upgraded battery pack, your daily commute won't be affected much as we can go longer distance now (woohoo). It is also recommended to charge whenever you can too. The battery of the remote is also designed to last longer than the board.

    Another cool feature about Koowheel is that all of our hardware are designed to be interchangeable. In the case of wear and tear, we can change the wheels, the battery pack and even the mainboard too. This is because we see ourselves using the board regularly and for the long distance future too.

    Come give us a try and see if Koowheel is a right fit for you. It's really fun and easy to pick up the skill (as a non skater myself). Now everyone can be a Tony Hawk!

    Looking forward hearing from you guys if you have any questions, please feel free to leave your comment below. Thank you and Cheers!

    Kai Wei (Koowheel)

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  • soundscream

    Hey potential e-boarders,

    Just wanted to chime in on electric skateboarding/longboarding as transportation devices. I had a chance to try one earlier this year, so I figured I’d share my experience.

    First off, if you’re looking for an electric mobility device that puts safety above all else, I would say give this a pass and get an e-scooter instead. It is the safer option not just because the handlebars allow for greater maneuverability, but the wheels of an e-scooter are also larger than a skateboard/longboard. This particular bit is important because the larger the wheel, the higher the chance of you safely overcoming sudden shifts in height (i.e. potholes, cracked pavement, stray rocks). Smaller wheels, like those you might find on a skateboard/longboard, can be problematic and even dangerous on uneven terrain. This is compounded by the absence of anything to hold on to if the wheel gets caught and causes the whole board to come to a dead stop.

    With that said, longboards are slightly safer than skateboards because the former has larger wheels (but still smaller than an e-scooter). A longboard’s deck is also longer than a skateboard’s (duh), which allows you to widen your stance, providing more stability.

    What skateboards and longboards lack in safety features, however, they make up for in portability. (Skateboards even more so) Another perfectly legit reason you should get a skateboard/longboard is that you’ll look cooler than everyone else while getting to your destination. Come on, you’ve got two arms free, you’re telling me you’re not tempted to pull off a Rose from Titanic?

    But here’s a benefit for real: You actually get a bit of a workout on a skateboard/longboard as the lack of handlebars mean you are constantly using your lower limbs and your core to balance yourself (no, you’re not getting a six-pack this way).

    Regarding this particular Koowheel board, I’m almost on board (see what I did there?) with backing it except for a couple of concerns I’ve come across from online impressions and reviews. The first is that the remote seems prone to disconnecting suddenly, which is really dangerous when you’re travelling in excess of 20 km/h. Another issue seems to be that the board slows to less than half speed once the battery drops under 50%.

    I believe the Koowheel team constantly tweaks their board, so, hopefully, a representative can clear up these issues. Because everything else I’ve seen of this board suggest that it’s the best value-for-money e-longboard you can have right now.

    By the way, kudos to the Grouphunt team for securing a competitive price along with a nice battery upgrade from the outset.

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    why do you always make so much sense. i almost hate you! :)

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    Hey Soundscream, thank you for taking the time to value add to this hunt! We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and thinking for the community of e-boarders, so we're giving you 50 Grouphunt spending credits for that! Happy hunting!

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