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$799.00 5 MIN.
$789.00 10 NEEDED
$769.00 20 NEEDED
$739.00 50 NEEDED
$699.00 80 NEEDED

Ain't nobody got time for walking... It's time to pimp up that last mile!

Grouphunt Special Offering:

  1. Mix-and-match colour customisation for Front and Back (Motor) Wheels.  This time its personal!
  2. Free Battery Upgrade (4300mAh to 5500mAh) worth $50
  3. Free tutorial session (Date and Venue TBC after the hunt)


  • 10 ORDERS - Official Koowheel Lanyard (Badge of honor)
  • 20 ORDERS - Knee Guards (Cause we be burning up the track!)
  • 50 ORDERS - Both Lanyard and Knee Guards (Cause two is better than one~)
  • 80 ORDERS - Both Lanyard and Knee Guards and an Ofiicial Koowheel T-Shirt!

This deal only gets better when more of us hunt together!  WE NEED YOU! 


ATTENTION GROUPHUNTERS!  During this negotiation phase the KooWheel Team has been kind enough to loan us a KooWheel Longboard for you guys to have a hands-on experience with it!  If you're popping by to self-collect or even just to say hi to us, feel free to head down to our HQ at Playfair Road to request for a demo ride on this awesome board :)  We guarantee you'll pick it up in under 5 minutes!


About Koowheel Asia

Our mission at Koowheel is to make urban commuting not only safe but also fun. We want to discover an efficient way of travelling in the neighborhood without reliance on public transportation; so that we can be fully independent. We have been researching and developing on short distance travelling equipment and technology since the beginning of 2009 and have been successful in our breakthrough in technology. 

Technical Specifications

Top Speed: 35 KM

Max Range: 30 KM

Weight: 7.5 KG

Battery Capacity: 4300 mAh

Battery Charge Time: 2.5 HRS

Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty (Both Board and Battery Covered)

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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