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No matter how often you wash your hands, they always win. 

Cleaning bacteria after they attack you, is just a follow-up motion.

Why don't we focus on advanced prevention?

Create a proactive way to sterilize our surroundings and realize personal hygiene.

We made Cleanty v2 with that goal like never before.

All the places & things you could imagine, are in an invisible danger.

Bacteria & germs found on these items are no different than those on toilets or maybe more.

Every time we experience a whole environment, whether it's familiar or not, we feel awkward and discomfort. And yes, that uncomfortable feeling comes from the possibility of illness by bacteria existing in that environment.

We cannot see micro-organisms like bacteria, germs & other contaminants with the naked eye. Indeed, we can only see objects as small as about 0.1 millimeters.

Many illness, infection, and other hygiene problems come from bacteria.

You may have heard of some of the most popular ones: Colon Bacillus, Staphylococcus, Salmonella.

When we get infected by these bacteria, it could be terribly dangerous due to their contagious nature.

It all starts with personal hygiene; by sterilizing the most used items, we can significantly decrease the possibility of infections, etc.


Last year, we launched 'Cleanty v1', and got a lot of love from early adaptors in Kickstarter.

And now, we cameback with a new version of Cleanty!


You can experience the most powerful sterilization with the smallest mobile sterilizer.

Just Click and Clean anytime anywhere.

Cleanty is the most easy and simple way to keep you safe.

Keep Bacteria & Germs away with Cleanty

Kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and other contaminants. Cleanty is made with the newest UVC LED technology. With a stroke of UVC LED light, within seconds, it will sterilizes anything around you!


Fight and Kill Bacteria in most simple way

Don't be scared of What-Cannot-Be-Seen anymore! 

Simple One Button Operation : We did not want to install safety like a pistol while maintaining a easy, simple one button solution.

  • Short Press once to execute on/off action 

  • Short Press twice to activate the Sterilizing LED 

  • Long Press once to activate the bulit-in timer


Click and Clean Anytime Anywhere

29g! Simple and Slim : Create bacteria free environment anytime anywhere. The minimal design allowed us to create a highly portable sterilizer. Ultimate Portability : Cleanty is as small as a thumb - index finger, but it holds huge potential inside its tiny package.


Built-In Timer Automatically Shuts Off Cleanty

Leave the Scene : Just put Cleanty in your belongings as you turn it on. Built-in timer will control the sterilization period. You can easily clean inside of your belongings. It will automatically shut off after 10 mins of sterilization.


UVC LED Sterilizer, Cleanty : PEACE of MIND

Cleanty is rechargeable via USB cable like your phone. 1 charge guarantees about a month of daily normal use. And the life time of the LED is over 10,000 times. Cleanty will semi-permanently keep you safe. Also, the LED doesn't create any mercury or ozone. Use environmentally-friendly Cleanty!

UVC LED blocks proliferation of bacteria by destroying the DNA in them. UV sterilization is the best way to clean & keep you safe, compared to other methods(heat, chemical, ozone, radiation, etc). It kills all kinds of bacteria, that live in air, water, and surface. It takes just a few seconds for sterilization.

Compare it with sterilization of other UV lamps : LED is the most powerful, effective, and efficient way to sterilize. Especially, our LED partner LG Innotek is one of the unique companies producing UVC LED. We use UVC LED that emit perfect UVC wavelength.

We tested it everywhere from cellphones to bathroom. 90-99% Difference Consistently! (Do not use it directly on the body; use it on objects)


Uncut Demonstration

Here is some preview of Uncut Demonstration video! (Check full version at here) We used ATP measuring instrument from 3M. And you can check effectiveness of Cleanty with moving picture below.


Did you see? It comes out the smartphone button has 1048 RLU. 3M regulated three section for ATP measurement.

Safe: <250 RLU Pass: <500 RLU Caution: 501–999 RLU Fail: >1000 RLU

So, our team member's phone located in FAIL section.


And after Cleanty, it drops down to 18 RLU! 98.28% EFFECTIVENESS.

A nature of Cleanty is UVC LED technology. And actually, LED technology already have been proved to be effective. And Cleanty's creative point is that we applied high quality of LED (which has exact wave length for sterilization) to personal hygiene product like never before.

And Cleanty is the most smallest portable sterilizer. So everyone, you can totally trust it.

Find Your Own Infinite Use Cases

Cleanty world is boundless, and it's up to You. What does Cleanty mean to you? Is it a tiny sterilizer for your belongings? Is it a simple timer-function item? Or, is It your own creation that keeps growing with unique use cases?

Get Cleanty! Go create your OWN Cleanty world.


We help people with a stroke of light

We made Cleanty because we wanted to solve personal sterilization problems we face everyday.

As you checked at the top part of this project, actually a lot of hidden dangers are surrounding us in those environments. Invisible bacteria always leave people with illness, confection, and bad sanitation.

Why suffer from these uncomfortable feelings? Can't we kill bacteria in a simple way?

And finally, after 2 years of development, we made Cleanty. We illuminate your SURROUNDINGS to bring the cleanest environment possible with high quality sterilizing LED. Also we upgraded sterilization power, compact design, and additional function.

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