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We are sure all of you love a hot coffee in the morning or while you are working hard. Unfortunately, your coffee will start to get cold after a couple of minutes.  Don't worry, Kayf is here for you.

Like us you may want a drink after a tired day at work. But, when your beer gets warm after a couple of sips or when your whiskey’s taste ruined with melted ice, this could ruin your enjoyment. Kayf is here for you, too.


We designed Kayf for everyone. Kayf is an efficient, and easy to use product with simple design to keep your beverages hot or cold for hours. You can use your Kayf with all type of your favourite beverages.  Kayf fits different sizes of cups, mugs, bottles, glasses and even cans. 



Kayf is a handy product that serves multiple purposes. Kayf uses silicone packed thermal gel packs for storing energy.

Just keep the thermal gel pack of kayf in the freezer for a hour and place it in Kayf. It is that simple. You can now enjoy cold beverages for hours.  


Or if you are drinking a hot one, you can heat the thermal gel pack in the microwave for 4 minutes . You can now enjoy your hot coffee while working.  



We have worked for months for the most effective and applicable design for Kayf. We have realised a simple but practical and effective design for Kayf. 

Kayf uses special thermal gel packages for ease-of-use. These thermal packages are specially designed for Kayf to store the energy. Additionally, the product benefits from unique conductivity of copper for heat transfer. 

Upper cap of Kayf absorbs the heat during cooling and transfers heat during heating. This way, the product will help your beverages to stay cold or hot.

As each Kayf has two thermal gel packages, you can continuously enjoy your Kayf. 

Plastic body of Kayf was designed to minimize heat losses and conduct the heat transfer on copper surface. This design enables to keep your beverages hot or cold for more than an hour. Each step of design process was monitored and tested with thermal cameras. According to results, the design was upgraded.

Productivity of Kayf will change for different environments, ambient temperature, and the temperature of the beverage. Heating and cooling performance of the product will decrease in time depending on the ambient conditions. 


Here is how it started and how Kayf was born. As a team, we have started a project to redesign and adapt some traditional gadgets which was known only by locals in our home town to modern world under “Tradition to Future Project”. A project about adapt traditional and cultural designs to modern life and sharing this secrets with world. Our home city Gaziantep has copper engraving tradition that comes from ancient times. For hundred years, this city has produced beautiful copper products. 

One of these products is called “ehli keyf”, a copper gadget that keeps traditional Turkish drink, raki cold. We have decided to redesign ehli keyf as our first product under “Tradition to Future Project”. We have worked hard for months to find the best and most efficient design.

Original ehli keyf, ancestor of Kayf, was an apparatus that used ice to only cool down raki glasses. 

We wanted to use the conductivity and compactness of copper. However, we wanted to make Kayf versatile for an effective use. For that reason, we decided to make Kayf adaptable for all types of glasses and use special silicon-coated, thermal gel packages to store energy.

After this stage, as we worked on thermal gels and energy conservation, we also worked on the best practicable design.

We took help from local copper craftsmans for design and production of copper pieces. During prototyping, we have used 3D printers to produce plastic parts. For copper parts, we trusted the skilful hands of copper craftsman.

At the last stage of prototyping, we used 3D metal printer for copper pieces. 

Copper is an easy to process but tedious material. Therefore, we need special moulds for copper parts. Also industrial manufacturing for plastic parts need moulds. Currently, we made an agreement with a Chinese producer for thermal gel packages. 

However, first production of copper and plastic moulds have certain cost. We are now producing our product and need your help to make Kayf a reality.

Chagan Technology ( formerly AVI Labs ) is a small design studio, software and hardware development company. We are a bunch of talented designers, coders and engineers from Atlanta, Gaziantep and Palo Alto. 

Chagan Technology founded as "Fabrikapps" at 2009 by Ahmet Vural, a Computer Sciences teacher from Gaziantep for developing mobile applications and games with his students from Nizip/GTO Voctional High School Computer Sciences section. Ahmet Vural and his students designed, developed and published a lot of mobile applications. Also they completed a succesfull non-profit Kickstarter project for educational purposes under brand of AVILabs. 

Chagan Technology (formerly AVILabs) founded officially at April 2016 with support and funds of TUBİTAK after succesfull ACp project. Even we experienced hard times during summer and fall of 2016, we worked hard to create somethings innovative. We are still working on several projects. Ahmet ( he is the lead designer / creator of Kayf project ), Kadir, Sahin, Burak, Oguz ( they created and tested this wonderful design's prototype ), Naime (She created web sites and graphics, UX ) and Deniz (he is responsible from that great video and animations  ) from our team are working on Kayf project now. 

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