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Climate ready

Waterproof, windshield, sunshield, Kaps protects also the front basket and the rear passenger.
Times of wet clothes and washed faces on bicycle are over.
With its waterproof roof, Kaps keeps you dry and provides optimum visibility.
Afraid of riding out in winter? The protective bubble is an efficient windshield, anytime, at all speeds.
To get a tan is cool. Burn? No thanks.
Kaps is a good filter and protects you against UV when the sun shines.
Place the windshield on the roof and enjoy the sun without risk of getting a sunstroke.
Wide protection

The water drop shape, with a wide shield at front and a narrow tail, gives you a good weather protection and limits the wind factor.
Whatever your bicycle size is, Kaps adapts and protects, beyond the driver, from the front basket to the rear passenger.

Child seat
Different types of child seats can be easily installed under the roof. Kaps is designed to drain the water without compromising passengers.

Intuitive install

Smart, fast, modular, Kaps installs on all kind of two-wheels without modifying your driving habits.


The first installation needs you to fix permanently 4 small tubes nearby wheel axles and clamps on pannier racks to support the structure. Then you just have to slip the framework and stretch the fabric.
You can easily install the protection in a few minutes, without any tools, like you use to do with a camping tent.
According to your needs, Kaps protects totally your bike or folds in different ways. Putting just the transparent windshield on the roof or all the fabric slipped back gives you more visibility. You can also totally fold it in its bag.
Kaps gets to the essential. Each piece has been conceived on the most efficient and simple way to give you the best and the cheapest protection on the market.
With its 1.5 kg, Kaps plays in the featherweight category. This is without counting on its incredible flexibility which gives resistance against the wind and adapts the structure when the road turns.
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