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We use our smartphones so often they almost feel like extensions of ourselves, and it’s a huge pain when the battery dies when we need it the most. Whether you’re using your phone to work, make plans, navigate using GPS, or Instagram, JUICED has got you covered.




JUICED makes this a problem a thing of the past, with a simple charging station that can easily charge up to three devices, all without a single wire. Just grab a JUICED pack from the charging station – it’s always charged and ready to be used!

JUICED is customizable to suit your charging needs. The charging station comes with three slots for batteries. One option is to buy just two packs and turn the third slot into a direct charging dock that can charge up to four phones. Using this set-up, you can charge up to six phones - all in one device!


Sure, there are giant bricks out there that can charge your phone ten times over, but unless you’re going for a week-long hike in the middle of nowhere, you probably don’t need all that bulk and power. Plus, it’s easy to forget to recharge them.

Each JUICED battery pack is so small, it can fit easily into any pocket (even skinny jeans!). Plus, since it’s only as thick as an iPhone at 0.35 inches, you’ll barely even notice it’s there – until you remember you need a boost!



Even when you leave home without a fully charged phone, just grab a JUICED pack on your way out, and rest assured that you’ll have that boost when you need it.

We all love our unique phone cases because they’re an expression of our selves and our interests. There are charging cases, but they’re ugly, bulky, and useless if you forget to charge them. Unlike other battery packs that give you a boost, JUICED’s extended tip works with all cases, so you never have to go through the trouble of removing or even completely replacing your case just for a charge.


Say you’re traveling super light and you don’t want to bring your whole charging station with you. With JUICED, you can also charge your battery packs with a micro USB cable, so you’ll have an extra boost in your pocket no matter where the world takes you.

The plug in the back of the base charging unit can be removed easily, so you can bring your charging station and all your battery packs with you if you need it. Whether you’re camping overnight, hanging out at the park, or chilling at a BBQ, you’ll still have some juice when you need it.

It’s an awful feeling to have your phone die in the middle of an epic night out, especially when you’re trying to coordinate plans with friends and Snapchat all your escapades. JUICED makes this problem obsolete – just slide a small battery pack in your pocket and you’ll have that extra boost when you need it most.


You may love traveling, but your phone sure doesn’t – airports are notoriously awful for not having enough outlets and planes are even worse. JUICED is the perfect solution for travelers, so you can listen to your music all through your flight and still have battery left to check your phone when you land.


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