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Microfiber Black


Conventional everyday backpacks are uncomfortable. The main reason for this is that they direct the weight away from your body. JOEY is different!

A full contact, super ergonomic back suspension system directs the weight towards your hips and lays JOEY right against your back. A contoured hip pad absorbs the weight and reduces horizontal movements when walking or running. Load-lifter straps and stowable hip and sternum straps provide maximum comfort. Multi-directional air flow tunnels provide pleasant ventilation and keep your back dry at all times.



The sternum strap with a Nifco® buckle and a Duraflex® slider is stowable to prevent it from dangling when not used. That's right, enough is enough: no more dangling straps!

The hip strap can also be stowed (correct, NO MORE dangling straps!) and features a Fidlock® SNAP fastener, which combines the convenience of a magnetic fastener with the stability of a mechanical snap fastener.



JOEY has a pair of easy to use side pockets. Actually, they feel like additional pants pockets because they are so accessible. You can take out your smart phone, wallet, or keys, on the go, and stow them safely to have the hands free again.


There is also one-handed access to full-length side mesh pockets that can carry larger things such as a water bottle.


Don't worry about your valuables, they are safe! By teaming up with Fidlock®, a German fastener manufacturer, JOEY is the pick-pockets’ new nightmare. Strong magnets make the Fidlock® fastener easy to close but the secure snap functionality ensures a continuously high locking force. You have to feel it to believe it!

Another cool thing? Your passport has its own hidden pocket facing towards your back, which can be accessed without taking off JOEY – perfect while traveling.


We get it: you carry around a lot, from laptops to water bottles and you really stuff your backpack. What if you need additional space? Check this out!


There is lots of space. In fact, there is an additional capacity of 15 liters so you are prepared for the unexpected. JOEY expands in a unique way but always retains its balance. And its style.


JOEY is made to carry your life and offers ample pockets for organizing the small things in the most intuitive locations. Things you frequently take out throughout the day like your charger or sunglasses can be packed conveniently in the big pocket in the top lid.

By gently pulling down the top lid, the Fidlock® SNAP unfastens and you will first find a large, integrated laptop compartment.

When opening the YKK® zippers, you access the interior offering countless ways to stow things like your power-bank, notebook, or pens.

With the super lightweight, stowable rain cover you are good to go in all weathers. If it is not raining, it fits nicely into a separate pocket located outside at the bottom.


Black cowhide, top grain leather combined with a rust-colored nylon lining: the Black Leather Limited Edition makes the functional beautiful and is our definition of pure elegance. 

  • Weight: 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)*
  • Durable shell (Fabric: cowhide, top grain leather)*
  • Internal organizer panel (Fabric: nylon lining / Color: rust)*

*Scroll down to check out all other specifications.


JOEY stands for uncompromising quality and visionary design. While designing this masterpiece, we placed great importance on durability and only used water-repellent fabrics as well as multi-award winning components from Fidlock®, YKK®, Nifco®, and Duraflex®. JOEY is a true premium everyday backpack. Let us convince you why:

  • Weight: 1.2 kg (2.65 lbs)
  • Volume: 25-40 l (1525.59-2440.95 cu in)
  • Load capacity: up to 15kg (33.07 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 51 H x 33 W x 20 D cm (20" H x 13" W x 7.75" D)
  • Size: one size fits all, i.e. for heights 160-190 cm (5'3"-6'3")
  • Color: black (The availability of red and blue follows the stretch goals, explained below)
  • Top-loading opening with anti pick-pocket fastener (Fastener: Fidlock® SNAP screw)
  • Separate, padded laptop compartment that does not reach all the way to the bottom (Capacity: 40 H x 27 W x 4 D cm (16" H x 10.75" W x 1.5" D), i.e. up to a 15-inch Macbook Pro, 2009 and later models)
  • Side zipper access (Zippers: YKK® RC - TPU coated or WR treatment)
  • One-handed access to side pockets to stow your smart phone, wallet, or keys.
  • One-handed access to full-length side mesh pockets that can carry larger things such as a water bottle. (Fabric: power mesh)
  • Internal organizer panel (Fabric: polyester ["peach" finish]  lining / Color: blue)
  • Hidden passport pocket (Zippers: YKK® WR treatment)
  • Extendable top lid for additional capacity
  • Durable shell (Fabric: PU-coated, water-resistant woven polyester / 3mm open cell foam)
  • Three-dimensional suspension system (Material: 0.8mm Polypropylene board / 3mm open cell foam / PU-coated, water-resistant woven polyester / metallic frame)
  • Anatomically shaped, one-piece shoulder straps (Outside: durable polyester twill / Inside: high-density EVA foam [layer A], breathable open cell foam [layer B])
  • Load lifter straps
  • Stowable hip and sternum straps (Hip strap: Fidlock® / Sternum strap: Nifco® and Duraflex®)
  • Contoured, one-piece hip pad (Outside: durable polyester twill / Inside: high-density EVA foam [layer A], breathable open cell foam [layer B])
  • Multi-directional air flow tunnels
  • Stowable rain cover




You've had many questions about ‪JOEY‬ so here are finally the answers to them. Take your time to check out how your new best friend will help you in everyday life!


Highest quality, no compromises! We spared no expense creating a beautiful backpack that is well balanced and perfectly tailored to your body. From PU coated water-prof fabrics for the shell through to anti pick-pocket fastener from Fidlock®, JOEY is a true premium everyday backpack. 

Intensive R&D. Approved by the best! In spring 2016, Heather Larsen teamed up with Koala-Gear in Israel to test JOEY’s balance – by walking across a 20-meter-long line situated 30 meters (almost 100 feet) above the ancient stones of Jerusalem’s medieval Tower of David Museum. It wasn’t the first time a highliner performed a stunt in Jerusalem’s Old City. The last time was in 1987, when Philippe Petit, whose Twin Tower act in New York was chronicled in the 2015 film "The Walk", rigged a highline between buildings situated in the Arab and Jewish Quarters.

In Jerusalem’s Old City, Larsen literally walked between layers of history as the highline reached from one tower built by King Herod some 2000 years ago to another tower built by Suleiman the Great. Despite a few minor wobbles, Larsen completed the highline with expert ease and even took the time to perform few stunts for the crowds. This historical event attracted media from all around the world, including AP, EPA, and Reuters.

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