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Exo Is Ready For The Future. Are You?

Made to last a lifetime and operate with upcoming technology, Exo is more prepared for the 21st Century than any other available wallet.



In A Changing World, Be One Step Ahead 

Streamline your lifestyle and secure your information with Carbon Exo.


Want To Keep It Minimal? 

Choose Minimus!

Minimus - Slim Stylish Secure. Store *5-7 cards internally, cash and extra cards in the back. Classic Carbon function.

Need More Storage?  

Choose Maximus! 

Maximus - More Storage - Less Mess. Store *5-7 cards internally, more options, more security. Just more all round. With Maximus, you've got more space than ever before for anything you want to store. Cash, coins, keys, SD cards, SIM cards and so on.

Ergonomic Ejection. The newly designed internal mechanism features our classic button, incorporating an all new ejection method. 

Quick To Use. With Exo, you don't need to take your card out of your wallet to pay. Simply eject, select and tap!

Pay Securely. Designed with Chip & PIN in mind, keep your cards securely in your wallet while you pay. Eject, select, insert, type, done!

On The Move? Just Touch & Go. Maximus features a quick access RFID active pocket. When closed, your cards are secure, to activate simply open the back panel and your contactless card is now active.

Easy Access To Cards. Quickly get to your most needed card when required (pro tip: keep it at the back).

Room for the extra bits - Maximus features a secure internal pocket to store coins, keys, SIM cards... You get the idea!

Use Exo The Way YOU Want. Exo is designed to be as flexible as possible. If you're travelling, store multiple currencies. Photographer? Store your SD cards. Housesitting? Store the key safely inside.

Available In Many Different Finishes. Choose from four leather finishes and four different lining options. You'll be able to specify your choice in the post campaign survey.

Free custom engraving - We can engrave anything up to 20 characters, so get creative!


This great looking piece of kit is something we’re so confident in, we’re giving you a lifetime guarantee. 

If you live another 100 years, and we hope you do, Exo will be there for you and so will we (not 'we', more like our descendants or something).


RFID Skimming - Some scanners are now powerful enough to penetrate standard aluminium shielding in wallets and steal data.

The leading RFID blocking wallet - Carbon Exo offers TWICE the protection of other wallets on the market. Our carbon leather acts as a second barrier, with the aluminium and stainless steel structure creating an impenetrable shield to safe guard your data.  



We live in a world of ever changing and expanding technology. Contactless payments dominate. Card clash is on the rise. Identity theft is an ever-increasing threat to our personal security. Carbon Exo is tackling these problems directly. 

Exo has security, usability and durability at its core. RFID safe when you demand it, responsive when you require it. We set out to make a wallet for the modern world that works with you, not against you. Store your cards and cash. Keeps cards and cash secure.

Unlimited choices for personalisation. All contained in a remarkable wallet unlike any other. Take the next step towards a more secure, easier future. Get Exo today.

You asked for - more secure storage, RFID interaction and greater durability. 

Exo delivers just that. 

With all of the trimmings - With Exo, you’ve got at least five cards inside, double the RFID protection as standard, more storage on the reverse for your small items, personalisation, a more durable body than ever before AND a lifetime guarantee.

Thank you! - We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our original Carbon campaign for helping to design the Exo wallet. We couldn't have done it without you!

Three years ago, we introduced the world to Carbon, our first minimal wallet. 

We subverted the traditional wallet style and helped usher in a new era of accessory design. 

For years, we carried around bulky, floppy, leather or canvas wallets that were full of stuff we didn’t need. This dead weight was dragging us down. 

So we thought: why carry on this way? That’s why we made Carbon. 

Cut down on the clutter, keep your valuables safe and look good while doing so. 

Over the past 36 months, you guys have been asking us for certain features, new developments and highlighting potential changes to Carbon.  

It’s been a long process but now, at last, we’re in a position to deliver with Carbon Exo.


Variations - These will be available to choose in the post campaign survey, for the Minimus, only the leather will be available.



Stand out from the crowd - Not for the faint of heart, choose Midas if you're at least a level 12 swag master.





There’s a great deal of industrial heritage in our native homeland, Yorkshire. Sean, Peg and Ryan are all Yorkshire folk,  and James’ has nearly passed the naturalisation process. Sean’s upbringing in an area renowned for its rich textile history and Peg and Ryan’s steel and coal production combine to give a unique Yorkshire view on Vanacci products. James’ injection of Italian finesse rounds the edges off two Northern reprobates.  

We take a great deal of pride in what we do and we want you to see that pride every time you take your wallet from your pocket and every glance at your watch. Some companies only test a small percentage of their products. We test 100%. We made these. We’re not sending something out that we aren’t happy with.  

It’s not all been success and fun but there’s a great deal of satisfaction in building our own products, leaving each day with sore hands and dirty clothes. Each burn of the hot stainless steel. Each shock from electroplating. Every time we glue our fingers together is all worth it for the finished product: a combination of cutting edge manufacturing and old-fashioned, hand-made, blood, sweat and tear soaked craftsmanship.

From left to right - Ryan, James and Sean
From left to right - Ryan, James and Sean
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  • Is it waterproof ??

    How is the warranty ??

    When will it reach to me after payment ??

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    Hi Jonathan, This hunt is still in interest check state, it means it's not open for you to place your order yet. It'll have to hit the minimum interest quantity before we negotiate with the creators and live the hunt. The creators did not mention whether it's waterproof or not. Although judging from the videos & photos, there are several slots where water can enter. Hence, we believe it isn't waterproof. As for the warranty, since this is a crowdfunded campaign, Grouphunt will peg it's policies to the creators. Fulfilment date depends on the creators' timeline, which as most crowdfunded projects, are subjected to unforeseen delays and circumstances. You seem new to the idea of crowdfunding so I'll leave you a link here to help you familiarise yourself: Hope this helps!(:

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    Thanks for the link.

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