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Grouphunt deal features one Innergie 55cc power adapter,  one USB-C to USB-C cable and one USB-C to Micro-USB connector. Global edition and laptop set can be included as add-ons :) 


Reviewed by Unbox Therapy (Our community member Bernard alerted us to it! THANKS!)


This is a mobile era, when everything is becoming thinner, lighter and more portable. But not our adapters. Why are we overloading ourselves with chunky brick power charger, and bringing multiple adapters for different devices?

Just the size of a 55cc shot glass (1.18” x 2.36”), and ultra light (88g), Innergie 55cc is the world’s smallest and most powerful adapter that boosts power supply for all your devices from 65W laptop to mobile and more.


First stage stretch goal unlocked!

USB-C to Micro-USB connector! Let's charge up Android phones and more devices :)
With USB-C cable (already included in the package), Innergie 55cc will be the one power solution for all!


1/4 the size and 1/3 the weight of conventional adapter, a 55cc shot-glass fits all the power you need into your pocket.

60W power supply to charge up all devices from laptop, tablets to smartphones and more.

Latest USB PowerDelivery (PD) specification with 5 charging profile delivers the safest and most efficient power supply for different devices.

Better, Faster, Smarter. USB-C connection with power innovation GaN power semiconductor improves charging efficiency, and saves 35% charging time. 





Smaller than D battery, less than 90g and just the size of a 55cc shot glass, Innergie 55cc is the ultimate portability, thin, light and small. You can also fold in the prongs, and make it even more compact!  


No more chunky brick adapter, no more weight burden, and never have to worry about awkward adapters hogging over crowded power outlets. 
Pack light and travel easy! Fit this svelte gadget into your pocket!   



This is the one, all-you-can-charge power solution for everything. 
Laptop needs 60W (20V, 3A), smartphones 5W (5V, 1A), Innergie powers them all, and more. Using Innergie exclusive connector cable, our patented power circuit can further boost up to 65W power supply to suffice all your portable devices.


Innergie 55cc applies USB PowerDelivery (PD) Specification with 5 charging profiles. 
The adapter automatically communicates with electronics components to switch to the most efficient charging option, delivers the safest and healthiest power for each device, and prevents excessive voltage/amp from damaging your devices.



Adopting USB Type-C connection, Innergie 55cc can serve up to 3A power output, enhances +125% charging efficiency, and save 35% charging time. 
The reversible connector endures 12,000+ insertion cycles, and you will never plug it in ‘the wrong way’.

Comparing to original charger in iPad Pro package, Innergie 55cc out wins charging speed and efficiency by more than 2 hours!


This is a future built for everyone and everywhere. Compatible with multiple voltages, Innergie 55cc comes with interchangeable plugs for different outlets around the world.We have also prepared 7 different connector tips to pair with major laptop brands. No one will be left out.  

 (Can’t find connector for your laptop from above? Give us a shout. Contact us via Kickstarter message or Facebook, we’ll prepare the fitting tip, exclusively for you.)






Supported by the world’s largest power adapter / charger OEM, DELTA Electronics Inc, Innergie is equipped with latest power charging technology, introducing patented GaN power semiconductor, 3D power circuit design and protection chip to inspire innovation in power charging market.


Via exclusive IC circuit integration, Innergie 55cc introduces the debut of GaN semiconductor for consumer electronics.

Considered the next generation of power supply, GaN is commonly used in semiconductor market and can bring 10 times operation frequency to effectively optimize power conversion. With the application of GaN, Innergie lowers electronic resistance, minimizes energy loss, improves charging capability and has become the world's most power efficient adapter.


How did we manage to shrink the size of regular transformers?
What did we do to boost more power? 

With patented 3D circuit architecture, Innergie “folded” the conventional, big and flat transformer circuit board, and designed a three-dimensional structure to reduce the size and weight. Such patented circuit design also optimizes its efficiency and largely enhances its output charging speed and power.


Innergie 55cc charging tests! 
It only takes 1.5 hrs to fully charge MacBook !


Innergie developed exclusive “InnerShield™” protection chip to monitor power supply status, and to avoid over-charging, overheat and overload. Once InnerShield™ detects irregularities and power overload, it automatically discharges and shuts off power source to prevent excessive power from damaging the device.

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