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"The breathability of sandals, but the foot-hugging security of a sneaker...
footwear to their purest form"(Sneaker Freaker)
"Step into the future" (Mashable)


With the iGUANEYE Jungle...

...your feet breathe, freed from the tightness of closed shoes.

...your feet are held, so you can run, jump and do whatever you want.

...your feet are protected, so you can move on rough grounds.

The iGUANEYE Jungle provides ultra-minimal foot protection. It acts like a second skin and follows all your movements.
A piece of Ultraflex elastomer only wraps around your big toe and your heel. By doing so, it secures a thick ergonomic sole under your feet and just like magic : IT HOLDS !
The Jungle is the most comfortable shoes ever ! Test the amazing feeling of barefoot comfort everywhere.

The Jungle LUX will provide you the ultimate comfort experience. It has been designed to follow you in all your activities. This sole version is made from a mixture of cork and latex. Flexible and adaptable it can adjust to your unique foot impression. This natural dual layer sole not only supports, but cork is a naturally antibacterial material, which absorbs sweat and prevents odors, ensuring both hygiene and comfort. The LUX sole is covered with a soft leather hide (a Vegan option will also be available). A rubber out-sole provides maximum resistance to abrasion.

The Jungle LIGHT version has exactly the same shape than the LUX version but it is made of EVA foam. Incredibly light and water-proof, it is also soft and super comfortable. The LIGHT version has the advantage to follow you even in water or when weather is rainy.


The 3D puzzle system allows to mix and match main body with sole types and colors. So you will be able to compose your own version. The two parts secure easily together. You can mount and dismount in seconds.

Like our first model (the Freshoes), the Jungle is inspired by the Amazonian Indians that used to dip their feet in liquid rubber from trees to protect them.

We have reproduced the experience and also dipped our feet in liquid rubber. That is how the iGUANEYE Freshoes were born.

Since our first crowdfunding campaign, we have sold more than 20.000 pairs of Freshoes all over the world...
From curious to customer to addict, once you have tried the unique comfort that iGUANEYE brings you will never want to go back to conventional sandals or flip-flops.


We are proud to produce 100% of our product near Porto in the beautiful north of Portugal. We have very strong relations with our industrial partners. They are family and they are committed to producing the best quality product as much as we are.

We have produced our 3D model in Rhinoceros 3D. Then with the help of INPACT (Leiria Portugal), we have printed several versions of our intricated design. INPACT works with the last generation of the 3DSystem SLS printer. We have selected two materials for the prints : Duraform Flex and Duraform TPU. Those flexible materials allow us to produce a prototype that mimic the final product accurately. We have printed 3 prototypes before we moved on to the first injection mold.

We have already produced 4 prototype injection and compression molds needed for the two versions of the Jungle. One for the rubber outsole of the LUX version, one for the complete LUX sole, one for the EVA foam for LIGHT version of the sole and finally one for the outer body that is the same part for both versions of the Jungle.

While the campaign is running we are still working and fine-tuning details to offer your feet the best fit they have ever experienced.
As soon as the goal of the campaign is achieved, we will launch the tooling of one group of molds for one size. February 2018.
After final testing and adjustments we will launch production of molds for all other sizes. March 2018.
Then we will produce all the Jungle pairs, pack them and ship them to you. April/May 2018.


At the end of the campaign, you will receive an online survey that will invite you to choose sizes and colors.

Sizing : The iGUANEYE Jungle adapts to your feet. The choice of the size is made easy as there are no half-sizes. Just pick your usual size, you can’t go wrong.
To make sure that you receive the size that fits you the best, simply use the size equivalence table, and the iGUANEYE size validation tool.
For Japanese, English and American sizes, you must refer to the size equivalence table.

Colors :  Here are the colors option you will be able to choose from.
-Main body : Black and Light Grey
-Light sole : Orange, Black, Light Blue and White
-Lux sole : Ash Grey, Turquoise, Black, Amber Orange

Main body is of course compatible with both version of the sole Light and Lux.

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