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Have you ever had a problem with tangled headphone & charger wires? I am sure you are familiar with how annoying and stressful it can be! I have always had this problem myself. This is the reason why my friends and I have come up with the idea how to solve this problem! We decided to invent a device, which would prevent the headphone wires from tangling.vSo from now on, every time you take them out of your bag or pocket, you won't have to untangle them.

Our goal was to find the device or system, which would prevent the wires from tangling and would not affect the ergonomic qualities of the headphones or other. A device that would be fast and easy to use. I am sure this product will also be appreciated by women. I know how complicated and stressful it might be, trying to find headphones in a purse. No more worries! No more stress about it!! Your troubles are solved!

Works even if have forgotten about it :) And every time you take your charger or headphones from a bag you will remember about it with a smile





If you like sports, you will love this product!! Extra outerwear clips will help your headphones stay secure in your ears, so the wires will not bother you during your workouts.

 Magnetic clips don't damage the clothes, not leaving any marks on them.


You can clip the magnets to your clothing which helps you focus on your exercising, not on moving wires. You don’t have to worry about the headphones throughout training anymore.

Even during fast movements your headphones will stay in place. Clamps remove wire tension from a loud speaker and the loud speaker stays in your ear freely giving you possibility to move your head easily.

 Functional difference between HARDset and SOFT

  • SOFTset is made for headphones with soft wire jackets (i.e. Apple EarPods or similar). Each clip from the set has a rotating cylindrical magnet inside, which rotates turning it's pole to a magnet in a clip next to it, forming a star-shaped structure in result, which is better for aforementioned type of wires.
  • HARDset is design for headphones with a harder jacket (for example fiber braided one). Clips from a set form a rectangular shape. Set works well with soft-jacketed wires too.

Both options are available in black and white colours

The system that allows you to fold the headphone wires easily and fast in many different ways.


Our clips were tested on standard earphones with a round wire iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Huawei, and Marshal.

They will also work with 2 to 2.4 mm diameter wires. Nominal wire diameter is 2.2 mm.

Clips for Charger & USB wires were tested on Mac, iPad, iPhone, Dell, HP, Asus, Samsung laptops & tablets

They will also work with large headphones with jack 3.5 mm

Compatible diameter is 3 to 4 mm 

In a pocket or a handbag your earphones will always stay folded.


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