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HURU releases you from the daily grind - regain your freedom with the backpack that you deserve.

As an adult, life can seem like one long career. Whatever you’re wearing - expensive suit, jogging outfit, casual clothes - your daily activities turn every outfit into a uniform.


You deserve freedom. You deserve HURU







1. Detachable waist bag

The HURU belt can be transformed into a detachable fanny bag. Just take it off, put your wallet, bank cards, phone, keys and other valuables in it and go on exploring the city while leaving your backpack safe in the hotel or in the car.





2. Water-resistant! Your belongings will stay dry in any weather!

HURU is water-resistant. You don’t need an extra cover for the backpack. No drop of water will get inside HURU and damage your belongings. We use water-resistant Cordura fabric, best in the world YKK zippers, and a real leather base.


3. Built-in expansion from 24 liters to 40 liters! Lots of space! 


4. Rain is not a problem with the HURU hood!

Unforeseen rain caught you in the street? Just take the complimentary water-resistant hood out of HURU’s special compartment and put it over your head. Poor weather conditions won't hamper your travels anymore.


5. Ergonomic rear part puts less stress on your spine

We have worked alongside orthopaedists on this project to create a backpack that will be as light and low-impact for the spine and body as possible.  

Lateral stiffness plastic base installed in the backpack’s rear section. It spreads the load across the whole back, thus drastically decreasing pressure on on parts of the spine that would normally be compromised by backpack usage. This is really important for the anatomical and physiological well-being of a person and decreases the spinal load as much as possible.

6. The highest quality fabric is trusted by the US army

The HURU backpack will look great for many years to come and will be your reliable companion for every adventure!  

HURU is made of CORDURA fabric - durable, versatile, reliable, water-repellent material. Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, CORDURA fabrics are exceptionally robust.  

CORDURA fabric is trusted by the US army. These fabrics can be found in ballistic vests, parachute containers, recon packs, hydration systems, and knee and elbow pads.


 7. Zippers from Germany that won’t let you down

Originally from Japan and mass produced in Germany under extreme quality control, these zippers will never fail you. They glide effortlessly, are water resistant, and made to last.


 8. Custom-designed, smooth fasteners and stoppers 

No more straps dangling and sliding around when you don’t want them to! Our stainless steel stoppers make the backpack look neat and tidy. You can also be sure that once you've found the perfect length for your straps, they won't slip out of place.





 9. USA-made straps and leather base


10. Opens like a suitcase - perfectly optimized for easy packing

HURU backpack opens like a suitcase, which makes organizing your belongings in the backpack very easy.



 11. Fit for airplane hand luggage

Forget about wasting your time checking in your luggage and waiting for it after the flight. HURU backpack fits perfectly into the hand luggage compartment on the airplane, so your belongings are always with you during the flight.


12. Secret pockets protect your valuables from theft

Each strap has a secret pocket for your keys, bank cards or ID card. These pockets can easily be accessed by you, but not by a thief.




 13. Easy-access compartment for a laptop

We know that you may need your laptop any time, and rifling through your stuff to get it out of the bag can be a challenge. That is why we’ve created a separate sleeve which fits any laptop up to 15-inches diagonally. At a business meeting, on a bench in the park or at customs control in the airport - your laptop can be accessed in one simple move!  



 14. Heat insulating compartment for drinks

It’s so nice to have a drink of cold water in hot weather, or have a sip of hot tea from a thermos when it’s chilly. Such small things make a person happy - that is why we have created a special compartment with a heat insulating cover to store your drinks.


15. Roll-up compartment for oversized items

Do you have a tennis racket or skateboard that you’re tired of carrying in a separate bag? We know your pain! To solve the problem we have created a separate roll-up compartment where you can store items up to 20.6 inches (53 cm high). You can easily roll the pocket back up when you don’t need it.


 16. Compartment for a book or a tablet

HURU has a special sleeve in front of the main compartment of the backpack where you can store a book, a tablet, or some documents. 


 17. Front pocket with an easy access


18. Chest and waist support for carrying heavy load

Just put on a chest and waist support to ease your burden when you are carrying something heavy, or take the support off when you don’t need it, so that the straps don’t get in the way. 

19. Detachable organizer for toiletry items and cables 

(Super goal, locked until HURU campaign reaches $30 000)
This is a detachable toiletry kit and an organizer for your cables, chargers and small things. Make sure your staff is organized and not in a mess.



Review by HuffPost writer Jeremy Alexander

Review by the popular YouTube blogger The Kavalier

Review by the popular YouTube blogger Kadin Yu







 Hi Kickstarter! My name is Oleg. I’m a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of HURU. I have created several successful businesses in the healthcare and IT sectors, and now it’s time for HURU.  

I do a lot of travelling, both for business and pleasure, so a backpack is something that is always with me. I’ve tried plenty of backpacks, but they never quite satisfied me. Some didn’t have the functionality I needed, some weren't very stylish, others were made of low quality materials. That’s when I knew I had to create HURU.

Oleg Vlasenko, founder of HURU
Oleg Vlasenko, founder of HURU

I have gathered a team of like-minded people, including Kirill who has 20 years’ experience of running garment manufacturers and Vitaly who was previously working as a clothes designer for fashion houses.  

Together we worked solidly on the prototype for one year and finally we've made it - the perfect backpack that we all wanted to wear.

We’ve created HURU with bold, driven, freedom-loving people in mind - those who know that the whole world is their office, and that anything is possible in life. 

We have a contract with Utactic, a high-quality backpack manufacturer, and we are excited about our partnership.


All of our backpacks are handmade 

Every single backpack that we create we manually check for defects, which helps to make sure it comes out perfect.  

We have created our own high-quality custom fillings. For our first backpack prototype, we used a quality buckle produced by a famous Australian company, but later decided to create our own unique product. 

When we have demonstrated this lock to fittings sellers, they told us that they want to buy it from us. 

Together, we look forward to bringing the backpack to our backers!



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