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Grouphunt deal features a pack of THREE Hold Buttons for every order.

The Hold Button is a small rubber button that sticks to your phone. It gives you a super secure grip to avoid drops, and makes any phone easy to use one-handed. Plus your phone still looks like the phone you love, not that case.


After a few days of using the Hold Button, you'll discover lots of new ways to hold your phone one-handed while typing, tapping, and swiping.







The Hold Button creates a super secure grip that totally frees your thumb to tap, type, and swipe. Two hands aren't required anymore. 



You'll discover you can clamp your phone between the Hold Button and your palm's finger pads. This makes gravity-defying holds possible.









The patent-pending design allows it to hold on to a few other things for added convenience, like the edge of your laptop.


The Hold Button uses a 3M adhesive that's secure and removable whenever you want. We recommend the adhesive for one-time use.




Wanna take the Hold Button off, then put it back on? That's why we send you three per pack in a matchbox-style container. Save your extras for later, or share 'em with friends.








We designed and tested the Hold Button in Santa Monica, CA. The Hold Button and packaging are manufactured in the USA. For added peace of mind, consider that the Hold Button uses far less material than typical silicone phone cases, and our tiny recyclable packaging minimizes waste.














Questions or Feedback?

We'd love to hear from you. Please reach out with any questions about the Hold Button. After you receive your Hold Buttons, please let us know what you think. We're especially curious about all the new ways you hold your phone.

Worldwide Shipping

Domestic shipping is FREE. Yay! And we've included discounted shipping prices for popular Kickstarter countries. Please know that VAT/Duties may result from various country's local tax codes. These fees are the responsibility of the individual backer, and may be incurred upon receipt of your reward.

Some Final Thoughts

We use the Hold Button everyday. We really dig it, and so do our friends. The Hold Button is the world's simplest way to reduce drops with or without a case. However, the Hold Button doesn't totally eliminate drops, nor protect your phone if dropped. 

We're discovering that our friends use the Hold Button in a variety of surprising ways--including hooking their phone on their laptop screen for Instagram stories, and hands-free pinched between their ear and shoulder. As we discover new ways to use it, we'll keep everyone updated via Kickstarter Updates and social media. Using the Hold Button can be magic, so let's have some fun.

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