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You Use Your Closet Every Morning... 

....and often in a hurry. This daily, frantic encounter can frazzle you for the rest of the day, but it doesn't have to.

Classic hangers have a space-wasting design flaw. Heck, they haven't changed much since their 1869 patent. Starting with the end in mind, Higher Hangers boast an all-new space-saving design for modern closets and clothes.

You may not be able to change the size of your closet. However, you can create your dream closet & optimize your existing space. Simply swap out your old hangers for Higher Hangers.

In many cases, Higher Hangers allow people to double or triple their hanging space. That varies depending on your starting situation of course. In an average master closet, Higher Hangers create the equivalent of 48 shoeboxes of new, usable space. That's about the same volume as 7 carry-on pieces of luggage, for reference. 

An average closet sized used for calculating this assumes only one 8 foot wide closet with two closet rods (16ft of hanging space). If you have a bigger closet, your savings multiply even more




About ten years ago I was living in a 150 square foot dorm room with a roommate. We tried to fit my dresser inside the closet to free up what little floor space we had.

My clothes got all wrinkled and cluttered because shirt bottoms piled up all over the top of my dresser. There wasn't any room to store shoes or other organizational accessories.

I started to look around for solutions but couldn't raise my closet rod any higher. Then it hit me. I saw wasted space right in front of my eyes just looking at the design of classic hangers.

Hanging Shirt Comparison, Higher Hangers Behind
Hanging Shirt Comparison, Higher Hangers Behind


Before & After (early prototypes shown)
Before & After (early prototypes shown)



First Prototype Made In My Freshman Dorm Room
First Prototype Made In My Freshman Dorm Room

Right there in my dorm room, I cut apart a plastic hanger and re-shaped it with a lighter and some epoxy to make the first Higher Hanger. This design just made more sense to me and it worked. (PSA: I don't advise using open flames in dorms)

Closets today are still designed around dimensional standards from hangers invented in the 1800s. Most likely, the same old space-wasting style is in your closet right now.

Higher Hangers are the first hangers ever designed to maximize free closet space. Since we designed beginning with the end in mind, I also modernized the geometry to fit garments better

I made these just for me, but I think you'll like them too. These are what I always wanted. Higher Hangers affordable enough for all to enjoy their efficient design & superior quality

Nobody has been able to mass-market Higher Hangers, but many tried. I had a deal with a big-box retailer. They wanted to make Higher Hangers so cheap that the startup costs were unthinkably expensive. They wanted to build a big, 6-figure mass production mold, which meant the only way to make a return was with super high volumes in both production & sales. Tons of risk, so they bailed.

I tried to tell them people would pay a higher price if we produced in smaller batches knowing that would raise the cost because the value was present. So many of you encouraged me that I pressed on for the past 10 years.

Thousands of backers & customers have proven Higher Hangers' place in the market. Here we are again with the most versatile Higher Hangers ever.




 Higher Hangers Instantly Lift Clothes ~4”

This was shot with a 3D-printed prototype and then overlaid to scale with the 3D rendering. It's to scale.
This was shot with a 3D-printed prototype and then overlaid to scale with the 3D rendering. It's to scale.

All New Design Tolerances Guarantee Classic Utility With All Clothing, Including Collared Shirts

40% More Raw Material: Incredible Durability

~53 grams each, compared to ~35g/ea of cheap hangers. 3D-printed prototype shown, but same weight as final production model
~53 grams each, compared to ~35g/ea of cheap hangers. 3D-printed prototype shown, but same weight as final production model

Anatomical Shoulder Profile Lets Shirts Drape Over Hangers Just Like Your Shoulders

This was shot with a 3D printed prototype, with a 3D rendering overlaid to scale simply for cleaner appearance, but rest assured it's to scale.
This was shot with a 3D printed prototype, with a 3D rendering overlaid to scale simply for cleaner appearance, but rest assured it's to scale.

Reward Delivery Within 90 Days of Campaign Close...

...Just Like Our First Kickstarter

Durable, 100% New White Raw Materials

Final Production, Real Samples
Final Production, Real Samples

White plastics guarantee the most reliable quality because they ensure only new raw materials are used. Darker shades can be mashed together with scrap & filler materials, then dyed. 

These new Higher Hangers offer the best value and most versatile of any product we've ever offered. Super high quality remains, just simpler than our premium line. The same Higher Hangers quality you know & trust from our first campaign comes back for the mass market.



Risks and challenges

Shipping & inventory financing are major hurdles for any company. Higher Hangers is a one-person business, but all-star support surrounds us (including you, our backers).

Rest easy. Customer service inquiries have come straight to me, and that will continue.

Since launching Higher Hangers, the value of working with A-list vendors is clear. People smarter than me are close to help overcome any hurdles. With established operations, we have the opportunity to expand our product line.

The mold has already been made, so samples & final images are coming ahead of campaign close. We need your help supporting our campaign to help finance inventory. Your support allows us to scale & add an all-new product. Thanks to Kickstarter backers like you, Higher Hangers continues to grow. Without you, we wouldn't have a single product, and we're approaching number 4.

I have 100% confidence your rewards ship within 90 days of campaign close like last year.

One of the biggest complications last year was the number of reward combinations from offering 2 products in variable quantities and allowing mix and match. This year we're starting with 8 reward options and do not intend to complicate that to avoid last year's headaches.

Lastly, hangers are inherently expensive to ship given their boxes have to be at least as big as the longest dimension (17"). I lost about $20,000 last year making a rookie mistake offering Higher Hangers worldwide.

I did not expect to have backers in over 30 countries. The variability of freight costs ate me alive and I had no choice but to cancel some pledges. However, I refunded every cent of undeliverable pledges after paying fees on that revenue.

93% of my sales have come from the US & UK since so that's the only places we're shipping to this round. I'm happy to see Kickstarter offers variable shipping by country now! However, I'm a firm believer of the 80/20 rule. Sorry boutcha if you live outside the US or UK. I'm working towards setting up better international distribution after this campaign.

I hope my Canadian fans and Aussie mates (and everyone else) hang in there. I've not forgotten all of you that have asked for worldwide regional stock points to make shipping reasonable!

Thank you so much for your support! Hopefully, we'll be available in 5-6 continents soon!

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