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Grouphunt deal features one pack of Hickies 2.0 Performance Laces or one pack of Hickies 2.0 Kids :) 

First, Will It Work In My Shoes?

Most likely, yes! The HICKIES® Lacing System is universal by design and is crafted to work with any shoe, as long as it has eyelets. Wear them in your sneakers, work shoes, boots, and even dress shoes.

  • HICKIES shoelaces in Leather Shoes unlacedHICKIES shoelaces in Leather Shoes lacedLeather
  • HICKIES shoelaces in Fabric Shoes unlacedHICKIES shoelaces in Fabric Shoes lacedFabric
  • HICKIES shoelaces in Flywire Shoes unlacedHICKIES shoelaces in Flywire Shoes lacedFlywire
  • HICKIES shoelaces in Loops Shoes unlacedHICKIES shoelaces in Loops Shoes lacedLoops











Black Mint 

Black Multicolor

Black Yellow 

Blue Yellow 


Electric Blue 





Neon Multicolor

Neon Pink 



How To Fasten

Installing the HICKIES® Lacing System in your shoes is a one-time affair. Fasten only once and your shoes are always ready to go.



How To Adjust Your Fit

A modular design gives you the ability to use different lacing styles within the same shoe based on desired tightness, shoe eyelets, and style preferences.


A Lacing Style For Everyone 

  • Hickies regular close laceHickies regular open laceRegular
  • Hickies loose close laceHickies loose open laceLoose
  • Hickies tight close laceHickies tight open laceTight
  • Hickies mixed close laceHickies mixed open laceMixed
  • Hickies extra tight close laceHickies extra tight open laceExtra Tight
  • Hickies extra loose close laceHickies extra loose open laceExtra Loose
  • Hickies classic close laceHickies classic open laceClassic
  • Hickies loops close laceHickies loops open laceLoops


Do HICKIES laces come in different sizes?

The HICKIES lacing system is one size fits all. The material's unique elasticity allows them to adapt to your foot and make for a super-comfortable fit.

How Many HICKIES laces come in a pack?

The Adults packs contain 14 straps, and the Kids packs contain 10 straps. Always enough for a pair of shoes.

How long are HICKIES laces?

Our adult version, HICKIES 2.0, measures 115 mm long. HICKIES Kids measures 110.5 mm long.

My HICKIES laces Snapped, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that your HICKIES snapped, that shouldn’t be happening!

We stand by our product and we will replace your snapped HICKIES with a new pack of your choice.

For Grouphunters: Let us know when your Hickies Laces Snapped and we will arrange a replacement pack for you! PS: Please send us a photo of your snapped laces! :) 

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