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Everyone wants to hold their loved ones close. Everyone needs an occasional cuddle. But sometimes there’s just too much distance. It becomes impossible to hold and feel that one special person. Until now. Smart bracelet HEY lets you touch your loved one, no matter the distance.

HEY offers you more than words. It’s an innovative bracelet that really makes you feel connected to a loved one. HEY uses a unique technology to send your touch as far as needed. It’s the first bracelet that mimics a real human touch. Not a mechanical vibration or buzzing sensation, but an actual gentle squeeze.


HEY adds a completely new dimension to relationships. From now on you are always closely connected to your beloved without others noticing. You're always there, wherever they are. HEY creates an exclusive bond between the two wearers. Lovers, parents and children, friends or anyone who wants to stay connected through touch.

HEY comes as a set: two bracelets that are linked to each other via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. By softly squeezing your personal HEY your beloved one will experience your touch like you’re really there.


A touch is worth a 1000 words. It's small gesture with great impact. With HEY you use a simple touch to let someone know you're thinking of him/her. Your tiny squeeze can be comforting, motivating or funny. 

Plus, the message is always intimate and private. You are the only one noticing the subtle touch message around your wrist. When you get a message on HEY you know it's from the most important person in the world, exclusively for you.

Your closest friends, family members and loved ones are never far away. Even when you're physically miles apart, they remain in your mind at all times. You probably know exactly what they’re doing. Maybe they're watching a thrilling scene in Game of Thrones, getting ready for a job interview, waiting for a school exam… Especially during these moments you want to let them know you’re close by their side. ‘HEY, I’m there with you.’ But of course you don’t need a specific moment or occasion. It’s always nice to stay in touch.


HEY is more than a wearable. It's a an interactive piece of jewelry. A perfect gift that's beautiful and stylish but also meaningful. Literally something to remember each other by.



Designed for both men and women HEY fits perfectly around your wrist. Besides that, the bracelet is a distinguished accessory that adds a subtle touch to every outfit.


Whatever color you choose; you can never go wrong. All versions are stylish and beautiful, but the choice is up to you. Initially HEY will be released in two versions: white & rose gold and anthracite & black. But the designs for more versions are ready. The more pre-buyers sign in, the more versions we’ll take into production.


HEY is the ultimate gift to someone you like to stay connected with. It's a great way to express your feelings. Great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday or maybe even a marriage. HEY is for everyone who wants to maintain a special connection with a special person.

We are shipping worldwide. HEY comes as a set of two bracelets, each in their own sturdy little gift box. So you can choose how and when you want to surprise your loved one with his or her HEY. 


The way HEY works is as simple as it’s effective. The bracelet incorporates advanced technology that communicates through Bluetooth with your smartphone. The clever design ensures that you never send a touch accidentally. The bracelet must be touched in two places to send a message. This touch is transferred directly to your phone and from there to the connected HEY bracelet anywhere in the world. HEY is weather proof and after only 30 minutes of charging it keeps you in touch for up to three weeks!    

The final HEY bracelet will communicate via a standard Bluetooth Low Energy module embedded in the bracelet with a Bluetooth equipped smart phone running the HEY app. The app securely connects to the HEY app on a second smart phone through the Internet. This Internet connection makes it possible for a touch on one HEY bracelet to be felt as a squeezing sensation on the second HEY bracelet. 

The HEY app is currently in development in collaboration with our friends at HiDashHi’s. HiDashHi have developed a secure way of connecting any number of bluetooth devices, such as smart home devices or fitness trackers, to each other by making use of the Internet connection on a smartphone. They call this the ‘App of Things’ ( The App of Things will allow two HEY bracelets to securely and privately communicate with each other over the Internet.


Via Bluetooth HEY is connected to an app on your smartphone. This app makes sure al your little squeezes reach the other bracelet directly. It also helps you pair the bracelets easily, fast and without any hassle. And last but not least it keeps track of your love stats. For instance the distance between you and your loved one or the last time you were together. If desired, these features can be turned off. In the future more features will be added to the app. This app will be produced after we've reached our Kickstarter goal. Below you can find some first draft designs.

The HEY app will be available on IOS and Android.




HEY is developed in close collaboration with Gijs Huisman, from the University of Twente. He's an expert in the field of Social Touch Technology and has been researching haptic technology (touch by tech) for five years now.

Huisman: “From a simple touch like squeezing someone’s hand, to hugging, social touch is important in the way we maintain healthy and happy social relationships with the people that we care about most.

Current academic research has investigated the use of technology for providing people with a sense of social touch at a distance. Such technology has been found to produce effects that are comparable with actual social touch in certain situations, and may therefore be a valuable addition to communication at a distance. Unfortunately, such devices usually remain prototypes, and are not available for use by the general public. That is, until now.” 


It all started with a question: how can touch be transferred over long distances? In our laboratory we tested and tinkered. We brought in the help of experienced product designers, brand experts and even professors. Fifteen months later HEY has reached its final development and is being prepared for production. 


HEY is invented by Mark van Rossem. He looked at the current world of communication and saw that one thing was missing. And that thing was touch. People are communicating 24/7, but there’s always a distance. So Mark set himself the seemingly impossible goal to send touch over great distances and came up with the idea for HEY.

Together with successful entrepreneur, David van Brakel, he started the company House of Haptics and gathered a team of creative and technical professionals that have all earned their credentials in their field of expertise. Together they want to build products that bring people closer. HEY will be the first product coming from this remarkable collaboration, and will certainly not be the last.


Our Kickstarter launch is a big milestone for us. We’ve been working on HEY for quite some time now and we can’t wait to take it to the next level. With your help we can. When all goes according to plan we will start shipping the first HEY bracelets in August of 2017. Just check out our timeline.


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  • I love this concept! Sometime being apart for a couple of hours felt like forever, with this and a simple touch your love one could felt it and it help to remind them that you are there for them and they are not alone.

    Just an idea.. i would love to see your idea and (HB-ring) merge together.. beside the gentle squeeze adding the heartbeat of your love one sc

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