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Lofree Poison is a combination of vintage classic aesthetics and modern digital audio technology.

An enhanced bass driver pumps out powerful and full-bodied bass while not sacrificing mids and trebles. The Poison can play up to six hours of CD quality music wirelessly. Or you can instantly back the good ol’ days of radio channel surfing.

It comes with Venetian Red

 Pure White

Olive Green

Turquoise Blue



Let us pay tribute to items from the past and give them new meaning today while memorizing ol’ good melodies.

Lofree Poison is a blend of 1950s radio with innovative modern technology which makes for a nostalgic classic gadget a modern coating. 



Designed with acoustics in mind, we engineered the Bass Enhancement System that lets the Poison produce mids and trebles from the front, while an ultra large diaphragm in the back pumps out powerful, deep, full-bodied bass.

The meticulously designed housing went through five iterations. It’s been perfected to ensure a long lasting and stable bass performance.


Does a tiny speaker mean weaker sound? No. With 20-watt amplifiers (two pieces of 10-watt amplifiers) processing audio output, the Poison sounds more vast than other speakers of similar size.

We’ve engineered renowned Waves® MaxxAudio Acoustic Solution that’s built into the speaker, so it can produce richer and full-bodied sounding content. The algorithms of sound perception(including noise and music) create a perceived low bass and compensate for the acoustic limitations of tiny devices. Waves received a Technical GRAMMY® Award in recognition of its outstanding contributions to the recording industry.

With a 2000mAh built-in rechargeable battery, Poison can play up to six hours of CD quality music wireless and portable. If you prefer to connect in another way, the Poison also lets you connect via the aux cable.



Like a fine wine that became even more valuable with age. With a physical rotating dial for channel scanning, the Poison will bring back nostalgic memories of the good ol’ days of radio channel surfing.

Credit to @superphenblog
Credit to @superphenblog



  •  Check out iDB’s review about the Poison here


Design iteration
Design iteration


Aging test and button life cycle test
Aging test and button life cycle test

A little change for a better experience
In order to have the Poison more durable that last for years and lower defective rates in production, we’ve decided to engrave functional symbols on the device’s buttons instead of the original silk printing.

We understand you may love the previous design. But after we tested three prototypes in the past few weeks, we think the latest version offers the best user experience.

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