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MIZUDASHI is a cold-brew method, in which water is used from the beginning instead of hot water. As the brewing slowly takes place over time, the flavor intrinsic to  coffee beans comes out.
The Hario Filter-In Cold Brew Coffee Bottle is the easiest and most convenient way to make cold-brew coffee. Choose from Chocoalte Brown (Dark brown) or Moca (Light brown) We need 30 orders for this hunt to proceed so share this with your friends and join the hunt!
Cold brewed coffee
Mild flavor with little bitterness

Oxidization by high temperature is prevented. Tannin and caffeine, which cause bitterness and astringency, are contained. Therefore, a milder flavor is produced. Enjoy coffee with a smooth and sweet flavor intrinsic to the beans.

It is also gentle on your palate. 



Just coffee grounds and water are needed. A large amount of ice cubes are not required.

Let it sit in a refrigerator for eight hours. Prepare it at night, then delicious coffee is ready the next morning.

A mesh filter exclusively for ground coffee is used. It helps with brewing cold coffee.

Filter-in Coffee Bottle
W87×D84×H300 φ71mm
Practical capacity: 750ml
Material: Removable bottle spout and stopper/ Silicone rubber
Strainer/ Polypropylene
Filter mesh/ Polyester
  • The most convenient way to enjoy cold-brew coffee
  • Choose from 2 different colours
  • 31% OFF when you buy with Grouphunt
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