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Grouphunt deal features one Govo Badge Holder. 
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Designed in Cleveland, Ohio, GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet is the world’s most functional and durable badge holder and wallet. 

When thinking about how many items people need to carry every day, we often come to the answer of wallet, phone and keys. There is one thing we always neglect but very important, which is the ID Badge we carry to work. We found so much inconveniences of carrying and using a work ID that none of today’s product have a good solution. From there we set our goal to create a wearable device that brings good experience and can be used not only as badge holder but also a wallet to simplify items we carry. 

 The construction of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet came from inspiration of military gears that require durability and light weight at the same time. “Versatile, Durable, Light weight” are three key principles we kept in every steps when we developed this product.








 GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet can hold 1-4 cards. Its' Card-Securing system holds card securely whenever it is loaded with only one card or four cards. 




The patent pending Multi-Carry System makes GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet ultimately wearable. It can be clipped on your belt, pockets, shirts, jacket, suit, backpack or note book. You can also hang it on a lanyard, keychain and carabiner OR simply put it in your pocket.












 Every part of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet was engineered to do its job perfectly and endure heavy duty usage. The front cover is made of thickened high strength transparent polycarbonate. We designed a frame structure on the polycarbonate back cover which allow us to thicken the material without adding too much weight. The clip is made by manganese steel secured by metal screw and reinforced structure to the holder. Most importantly, cards are secured by a metal spring system which holds well whenever it is loaded with four cards or only one card.








 When you have more than one sensing ID cards need to carry. You can put one in the front and another in the back of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet. It allows you to sense cards from both sides. 


 GOVO RFID Blocking Card helps to protect your credit/debit cards' information from data thieves. Add this item to give protection to your cards.

Most of ID badge use low frequency to communicate with sensor. GOVO RFID Blocking Card blocks high frequency signal to protect your credit card but will not block low frequency ID badge signal.  (For some ID card using high frequency, the RFID blocking card might block their signal ) 


GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet comes in four different colors: Dark Gray, Blue, Purple and Black.



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