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Incline 10 degrees 

GoTube has power to handle inclines up to 10 degrees to easily conquer incline.


Both the front and rear wheels have shock absorption for a smooth ride.

Super Portable 

GoTube folds up and has a carrying case with strap for the ultimate in portability.


 Speed control

The tachometer readout and push-button speed control are simple and intuitive.

Charges phones and tablets

GoTube has a USB port to easily charge phones and mobile devices anytime.

Night Mode




Unfolds and sets up in seconds
Unfolds and sets up in seconds


Folds into portable mode when not in use
Folds into portable mode when not in use


Our designers insisted on a concept that was useful, efficient and elegant. The minimalist design reflects those characteristics beautifully.







  • Weight: 12.8Lbs (5.8Kg) 
  • Capacity: 330Lbs(150Kg )


  • Battery: 36V 4Ah 
  • Motor: 120W


  • Folded: 743 mm x 137 mm x 97 mm 
  • Unfolded: 743 mm x 415 mm x 927 mm 
  • Tire diameter: 88.9 mm









Risks and challenges

Our team has many years of experience developing electronics and hardware. We are aware of the risks involved and along with our manufacturing and distribution partners, have taken the necessary precautions to minimize any obstacles or challenges that may arise.

Our prototype is done and perfected and we are ready to begin production. We promise to keep our backers informed and updated as to the progress of the project and if any problems arise we will have full transparency and communication as we provide a solution.

Thanks for your support!

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