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Introducing the GoPUCC! The most versatile, multipurpose, collapsible shaker bottle!

We all know hydration is extremely important in our lives to maintain fitness and overall well-being. Now I know what you're thinking, there are hundreds of thousands of types of other bottles out there, why the GoPUCC?

I'll get to that in a second...

Everyone drinks different beverages besides water (i.e. coffee, pre-workout, post-workout protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, adult beverages, the list goes on..). Of these, each bottle is usually specialized to accept ONE particular drink. A water bottle is a water bottle, a shaker bottle is a shaker bottle, and a coffee cup is a coffee cup. Many of them are all great, but also consist of many parts and are difficult to clean and maintain in our busy lifestyle. Some of them are noisy, some you can't get out that nasty protein smell, and some just are not aesthetically pleasing.

It is time to bring it back to the basics, but innovate. This is where the GoPUCC was born. For the "on-the-go" person, you likely are traveling somewhere all the time. By foot, by bike, by car, by plane. You probably carry a phone and wallet with you all the time and often leave your hydration bottle somewhere. On the contrary, you might also have a cabinet full of all of these types of specialized bottles to accommodate for the beverages listed above. 

This is where the GoPUCC bridges the gap.

A durable, military-grade bottle you can carry with you everywhere.






Like many of you, we knew there was a better way. You no longer need to carry multiple bottles with you. With GoPUCC, you just need one. You can take this bottle camping, eat soups/oatmeal/cereal out of it. You name it!

 Going to a party? Cheers to some beer with it! Even make the perfect mixed drinks with your GoPUCC! The days of putting your name with a marker on a disposable cup are gone!  



The GoPUCC is a new innovative hydration bottle that accommodates any beverage you want to take with you, using the same bottle. If you want to go to work with a coffee, and later fill it up with water, to use it after the gym and put your protein in there, you can do it all with one bottle! In between these, the GoPUCC collapses into a "puck" like shape (I bet you didn't guess that one!) to eliminate wasted space in the event you need to travel. Who has room in their luggage for an empty water bottle? Space is important, and we know from firsthand experience.

The GoPUCC was founded by two military veterans and developed by athletes just like you who want the "jack of all trades" type of bottle that is conducive to your active lifestyle.

In this case, less is more. We did all the hard work for you so you can live with your GoPUCC and know that you can enjoy your coffee, pre-workout, post workout, water and even adult beverage from just one bottle, anywhere you go!

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