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The Pocket Drone that's easy on the wallet!

  • Plethora of functions packed into a tiny body at an affordable price!  Talk about bang for buck!
  • Highly portable and fits into a pant pocket.  Isn't the best drone the one you can keep on you?
  • Utilizes your mobile phone as a remote through a proprietary mobile app.  One less item to worry about!
  • Targeted at enthusiasts looking for an affordable entry into the world of drones!

Grouphunt Deal includes 1x JY018 Pocket Drone with included accessories (displayed in picture).  1 Year Limited Local Warranty (labour costs are complimentary from the distributor, buyer pays for parts). Grab yours now at 50% off! 

JY018 Pocket Drone


  • Foldable Design for easy storage in your pocket
  • Wifi Support to live stream camera feed to your phone
  • Capture photos / videos
  • Altitude hold for easy piloting
  • One button auto landing
  • One button auto take off
  • Headless Mode for hassle free orientation
  • One button 360 flip
  • Gyroscope control flying
  • Draw fly by mapping out a line in app for drone to follow
  • LED Lights for night flying
  • VR mode for VR Headset flying

Technical Specifications

  • Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po 
  • Product Size: 25.525.53.5CM
  • USB Charging 
  • 720P 0.3MP Wifi Camera
  • iOS / Android Compatible


Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • beisong
    Looks like the exact same model at half the price.
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    hey Weisong :) thanks for sharing the link! i wouldn't vouch for anything else other than the real deal that we've seen with our own eyes; the distributor flew this for us :) you're always going to find something else 'cheaper' on the web and with the proliferation of sites such as those, it's hard to argue if all we want is to save money, regardless of authenticity or production condition. what we do offer is guaranteed authenticity, backed by local limited warranty and support. now, if your drone is gonna run into issues, which you know will happen because drones do crash, who's gonna fix it for you in Singapore? pretty sure those online marketplaces aren't gonna repair them for you. if they do, pretty sure they won't be covering your shipping :) just laying it out there :) there are some things that aren't worth saving on.
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  • peterong
    What is the battery life?
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    right about 6-8 minutes peter :) additional batteries are available if you're keen; they retail for SGD 15 per piece but drop us an email and we'll get the distributor to work out a sweet price for you :)
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  • Like the JJRC Elfie or the Eachine E50 Elfie ... this is another Zerotech Dobby rip-off ... don't expect quality video from a 0.3mp camera. It's likely to be 480p, not 720p without any form of stabilization...
    Sign in or Register to leave a comment
    Its common to find borrowed design, Xiaomi, Huawei -> Apple, Samsung. You can't really say its a rip off considering the Dobby and this aren't competing in the same class I bought the Dobby off Amazon and it cost me roughly $600 including shipping and no warranty support. Flight time is 5-6 mins in reality due to all the battery hungry sensors (e.g. gps etc.) and spare parts are hard to find and expensive. Would have considered this much cheaper alternative with local support
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