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GONOW Electric Bicycles


Whizz through the Mother City on one of these self-powered and environmentally-friendly rechargeable bikes

We all know that Cape Town traffic can be an absolute nightmare at times. Let’s face it, no matter whether it’s off- or in-season, peak-hour congestion or the holiday-rush, the Mother City is busy – a constant vibrant hub of activity, in fact – and her roads are even busier.

So, what if we told you there is a mode of transport – that is completely-green and 100% hassle-free – that is as ideal for the local looking to whizz through rush-hour traffic as it is for the visitor wishing to explore our pretty city at ease? You’d want to know more, right?

Well then, let me introduce GONOW Electric Bicycles, a brand-new innovative electric bicycle company offering Sales, Rentals, Tours and fun rides.

In high-density and over-populated areas where traffic is unbearable, you must have an alternative means of transport and bicycles only work to a certain degree. You don’t want to ride your bicycle to work in your suit and arrive at the office sweating.

Self-powered and easy to ride, the electric bicycles do all the work for you so no level of fitness is required. Ideal for all ages, the two-wheeled vehicles give riders the freedom to do what they want without having to hassle about traffic, parking or fuel, not to mention, physical exhaustion.

GONOW offers clients rental and tours (by the hour, half-day or full-day) and purchasing. The electric bicycle company strives to give cyclists a completely unique and wonderful experience of the Cape weather you rent, tour or Buy. They also offer nation-wide delivery and export.

You don’t realise just how much you see on an electric bicycle compared to a normal pedal bicycle. You can see a lot more than what you would see on a regular bicycle because you can go that much further with ease. What an unbelievable Go-Pro moment, care-free still smelling fresh.

GONOW – Electric Bicycles



Motor: BEFANG 750watt Brushless hub motor

Battery: SAMSUNG 48V 11.6Ah Li-ion

Tyres: 20*4

Derailleur: SHIMANO Outer 6-speed

Load Capacity: 100kg

Brakes: F/R-Disc brake

Display: LCD display

Controller: Intelligent controller

Throttle: Twist ‘n Go

PAS: 1:1 Pedal Assist system

Charging Time: 4-6 hours from flat

Price: R28000

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DISCOVERED BY ... charles

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