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Max Pack System - Vacuum Compression
Max Pack System - Vacuum Compression


Two years ago we launched our first project, the GoBag, and were blown away by the support and recognition the bag received. Our Kickstarter campaign received 2,444 backers from 53 countries and we were featured on Wired, GQ, Stuff, and Everyday Carry.

Pack small. Think big.

We believe that when you pack less, you experience more. We designed the GoBag so you can see more of the world, without the burden of hauling around bulky luggage.


It does things other carry-on bags can't.

It's time to make the most of every adventure. No waiting around to check in your luggage. No delays at the luggage carousel. No lost baggage. No checked baggage fees.

No checked bag, no problem.



Don't you just hate hauling around bulky luggage? Thanks to our Max Pack you can travel the world for days, weeks or months at a time with only a carry-on bag. 

The vacuum compression system works by hand (or with a vacuum cleaner if you’re really serious about space-saving) to free up oh-so precious interior space.


It can accommodate an impressive amount of kit wherever you’re headed — leaving room for a few keepsakes when you return. 

With a monster 2m-long YKK main zip and six different ways to open your bag, you can instantly access what you need, when you need it.

With more of your gear next to the zip, you can say goodbye to digging around in the depths of your bag - or emptying your stuff in the rain because your waterproof happens to be at the bottom...

More zip. Less hassle.

Say goodbye to wasting time at airport security. Our integrated transparent wash bag has got your liquids and pastes ready to go from the off.

The fully welded design and waterproof zip means that any shampoo explosions are safely contained - leaving your clothes free of dodgy stains and ready for the adventure ahead!

Hassle free traveling is at your fingertips. We designed the Travel HQ so you can stay organised for the adventure ahead.

Everything you need when you need it, stored securely at the top of your bag and laid out just how you like it. There's also a soft pocket to protect any digital items that love getting scratched.

 Simplify the way you travel.

Peace of mind is priceless - and never more so than when you're traveling. We designed a hidden pocket so your documents and money are securely concealed next to your back.

Did you see that?  


Whatever the adventure, the GoBag is up for it. From trekking in the Himalayas to your daily commute, the ergonomic harness keeps you comfortable and supported. We've also included a sternum strap and removable waist belt.

Every laptop up to 15" is safely protected in the padded laptop pouch. What's more, there's a quick release tab that works faster than James Bond's ejector seat. 


 Bottle pockets. Stay hydrated. 

Side and top grab handles.

We've selected the finest components and best quality materials to ensure that your GoBag goes the distance.

The GoBag uses ultra hard-wearing hypalon on the base of the bag and to reinforce webbing straps. This is the material that white water rafts are made out of - so it's super tough! This is backed up with waterproof TPU-coated fabric to cover the rest of the exterior - helping to keep all your stuff dry in even the wettest of weather.

There is only one option when it comes to zips, and that's YKK. They can't be beaten for their reliability and toughness - so guess what we've gone for on the GoBag.

We've included magnetic compression straps to get your stuff buckled up that bit faster - and that satisfying magnetic clip signifying you're all packed and ready to go doesn't hurt either.


Vacuum Hand Pump - Available after Kickstarter

Max Pack System - The bag will come in yellow (not fluro orange) as shown in the images in the gallery below.


Want to see the GoBag in action? We sent a bag to Ethan to test out on a trip he was taking to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.



We’re incredibly proud to call the Scottish Highlands our home. In fact, we’re pretty sure anyone who’s trekked a hidden glen or paddled out to a remote island would agree this kind of experience carves out who you are.

Of course it’s not just bonnie Scotland that’s worth exploring. We know full well there are places hidden all over the globe that demand to be discovered and shared with friends.

In 2013 we searched for a bag that we’d be able take as carry-on all over Europe on cheap flights. There was nothing suitable to be found so we decided to design the solution. Two years of sketches, sewing, testing and refining followed until the GOBAG was launched on crowd-funding platform Kickstarter. Things moved quickly and we reached our goal in a few days and were eventually 663% funded with almost 2,500 backers from all over the world. Shipping started in early 2016 and the story continues.

Our core belief is that when you travel compact you experience more. It’s this belief that drives us to work hard everyday to create more innovative products that enable others to do the same.

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