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About this project

It's time to join the adventure! Whether you are a veteran mercenary or this is your first foray into the wilds of Gloomhaven, I am happy to have you on board.

Through this Kickstarter, you can pledge to receive a copy of the second printing of Gloomhaven, complete with new health and experience trackers and a revised rule book and scenario book. Your game will come with miniatures for all the character classes, but you can also purchase extra sets of miniatures and standees.

If you already own the game, you can pledge to receive just the upgraded trackers and revised books. In addition, there is also an all-new mini expansion of 17 solo scenarios available.

 If you want to learn how to play Gloomhaven, these two Gaming Rules! videos are all you need.

Gloomhaven is a series of tactical combat scenarios that are strung together in a persistent, thematic campaign.

Each scenario is played out through rounds of combat against fully automated enemies. In each round, players will play 2 cards to determine the order in which they act and what abilities they perform. Each card has 2 special actions, and on their turn, players can perform the top action of one card and the bottom action of the other.

Card actions are varied and powerful, cutting through the monotony of a basic "move and attack" system. Default actions are available, though, if a player's plans get ruined by an enemy's ability card or even by the actions of their own teammates. Gloomhaven eliminates the alpha player through simultaneous hidden action selection to illustrate the chaos of battle.

Photo courtesy of Jinha Yoon
Photo courtesy of Jinha Yoon

There are also no dice in Gloomhaven. Instead, attacks are modified by a player's attack deck. Over time, this attack deck will change as a player begins to add and remove cards by completing battle goals and leveling up, which will also give them access to more powerful, higher level ability cards.

In midst of battle, players will also need to focus on looting money tokens. These can be used to purchase useful items in town, where new stock is always being unlocked by player actions.

As players interact with the town through events and move along the branching story paths of the world, they will always be working towards completing personal quests. By meeting certain objectives, a player's character will retireunlocking a new character classto play with, new events for parties to encounter, and additional perks for the achieving player. After retirement, a player will create a new character, possibly from the class that was just unlocked, and continue the adventure!

If you'd like to learn more about the game play, you can find a PDF of the rule book here, or you can watch another overview video:

Or some game play videos:

Are you ready to start the adventure? Because we have started a community-driven campaign that I would love you to participate in.

Just head on over to the first update to find out what it is all about and join in on the adventure. You won't regret it!

If you don't have the physical game in front of you, that's not a problem. There are still plenty of ways to participate. If you own Tabletop Simulator on Steam, each scenario in the community-driven campaign is available as a separate workshop file. (Scenario 1) (Scenario 2) (Scenario 3) (Scenario 4) (Scenario 5)

Or you can follow along and watch as the following groups play through the scenarios every third day.

Mike Bennett's YouTube stream is scheduled for 3pm EDT (19:00 GMT).

Alucard's Twitch stream is scheduled for 7pm EDT (23:00 GMT).

If you're just joining us and want to get caught up on the story, you can find everything you need to know here.

Either way, the important thing is that, when you are ready, I want you to vote on what happens next. This campaign is being run by and for you, and I'm just excited to see where it goes!


Immediately after I was finished working on Gloomhaven, I realized I wasn't done with the world. I wanted to make a set of scenarios specifically designed for strategic solo play - scenarios that would highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each class and force players to really get under the hood and learn to play each class masterfully.

PDFs of these scenarios and the accompanying item rewards are already available online, but now you can pledge $10 to receive a printed version. This includes a 24-page scenario bookof 17 all-new solo scenarios and a deck of 17 item cards - rewards for completing each of the missions.

The solo scenarios are not included in the base box, but you can add $10 to you pledge to receive them in addition.

Strictly for those who already own the game, we are offering four health and experience trackers and revised rule and scenario books. These are already included in the reprint pledge, but are upgrades from the original version.

You can get the four dials for $7, the upgraded books for $15, and if you'd like the solo scenarios as well, you can bundle all three offers for $25.

PDFs of the new rule book and scenario book are also available online.

And if you are interested, you can order some cool third-party stuff like removable stickers from Sinister Fish Games and a nice wooden insert from Meeple Realty.

The second printing of Gloomhaven comes with a full set of miniatures for each of the 17 character classes. These add-ons are not needed, but if, for whatever reason, you want additional sets of miniatures or standees, you can add $20 to your pledge for additional sets of minis and $5 for additional sets of standees.

Be forewarned that while the miniatures box comes spoiler-free, the standees will be delivered as a single bare punch-board and may ruin the surprise of some of the unlocked character images.

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