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GINA SMART comes with a Bluetooth scale and an APP, while GINA Basic does not come with the electronics and an APP :)

We believe that coffee brewing can be a special experience - every single time, with every single cup. That’s why we created GINA, the first complete smart coffee brewing instrument. 














With a built-in Bluetooth SCALE weighing your ingredients will become easier, allowing you to find the perfect ratio between coffee, water and time.  

Your phone will connect GINA with an APP via Bluetooth to transfer and save all of your brewing data and see what the rest of coffee loving community is sharing.

With specially designed VALVE you can even tune your GINA and play with 3 different brewing techniques. Leave it open for pour-over, close it for immersion brew or set the drop flow for cold drip.


We combined all the features from the tools you already know into one complete device. All of your manual coffee brewing techniques are now featured in one. This means better use of your kitchen space and less hassle prepping all your coffee brewing tools.



Pour hot water over coffee grounds while leaving the valve open and observe the elegant flow - for the purest taste and highlighted qualities of the bean.




Soak coffee grounds in the ceramic funnel, open the valve and extract the brewing - for the sharpest taste and a richer beverage body.





 Put grounds into the inner glass pitcher and pour cold water into the funnel. Set the drop flow and let it drip - for the sweetest taste and smoothest beverage body.



GINA is ideal for both experts or first-time users 

The app itself connects you with the whole coffee loving community. It allows you to create and share your own brewing print or be guided through every step thanks to other friendly coffee masterminds.


COFFEE SHOP feature inside the APP 

We listened to your requests and added a COFFEE SHOP feature to our APP. It works best on tablets and it allows baristas in coffee shops to simultaneously control 4 GINA's at once. It goes perfectly with the BARISTA 4-PACK reward level. 



You can power GINA with the micro USB charger which comes included in the package. Her strong battery will keep her going for up to 80 brewing hours. Her stand by time is 30 days. Just follow the battery level in the app and immediately know when she needs recharging.  





Pick a shade of GINA that suits your taste best. Polished steel and powder coating finish in white or black. 



We compared GINA with a number of coffee brewing devices out there and we believe she can proudly stand next to each:







 It wasn't easy coming up with a project like GINA. It is a result of our love for coffee, our passion for design and improving user experience that brought us to where we are today. We made sure that every detail of GINA is well thought through and crafted to perfection.

 Wondering how GINA's software and hardware connect? Check out the video presentation below:

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