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Stuck sitting all day? Our bodies weren't designed for it. Check your posture right now — how're your back and your shoulders? If you had to adjust upright, you're on a path whether you know it or not. Slumping turns into aches, which turns into pain...and then chronic pain (seriously: 4 out of every 5 people you know will have back pain in their lives). 

If you’re slumping, sore, stiff or in pain, BetterBack Therapy can help (scout's honor). 


  • Retrains your posture in just 15 minutes a day.
  • Heals + relieves back pain naturally with heat and cold therapy.
  • Make every chair ergonomic. Great for the office, on an airplane, watching TV or even when you meditate.

Grouphunt Deal

Each pledge comes with one standard BetterBack support and 1 therapy pack. If you'd like additional therapy packs, you can get an additional therapy pack for $20 (MSRP $30). However, please note there are only 30 additional packs available. Please note for this hunt we only have the BetterBack Therapy for this hunt and are not able to offer the BetterBack Therapy Plus. 

We only have 30 BetterBacks available for this hunt so act fast and JOIN THE HUNT!



You can put BetterBack Therapy on in 5 seconds flat... for 10/10 comfort :) 


 We grabbed strangers off the streets of New York, tossed them a BetterBack Therapy and hit record.

          You can also read full + honest reviews of BetterBack right here.  


BetterBack Therapy is made from ridiculously high quality material that will last you for years, and yet costs less than a single doctor’s visit, massage or chiropractic adjustment.

Brand new features and materials
Brand new features and materials


BetterBack Therapy is therapeutic in a few different ways: 

1. Sitting in proper alignment stops slumping stress on your body

2. Heat therapy accelerates healing bringing rich nutrients to your back, relaxes tight muscles and spasms, and offers natural pain relief

3. Cold therapy is excellent for acute injuries, inflammation and natural pain relief


 We set out to make the best thermal packs on the planet + deliver the most convenient way to heat or ice on the go.

Almost all thermal packs made today use PVC, which is deeply harmful to the people who make the packs + to the planet when you toss them. We worked long and hard to build premium thermal packs that performed better and kept our people and our planet safe.
Almost all thermal packs made today use PVC, which is deeply harmful to the people who make the packs + to the planet when you toss them. We worked long and hard to build premium thermal packs that performed better and kept our people and our planet safe.


...And nurses, physical therapists, yogis and trainers too! Dr. Craig Antell (and his wife and son) wear BetterBack. Hear more...


 BetterBack Therapy fits in your bag. Whip it out wherever you sit! 

****BetterBack Plus is also AMAZING for pregnant women!****
****BetterBack Plus is also AMAZING for pregnant women!****

Hi! I'm Katherine. My journey started in 2012 when I was hit with terrible sciatica pain and was desperate for relief. I began tinkering, prototyping and beta testing what became first gen BetterBack, which I launched last year on Kickstarter. It was an over the moon DREAM COME TRUE!

BetterBack went on to be featured on Shark Tank and became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  

Most importantly, we received hundreds on hundreds of love notes and 5 star reviews from amazing people just like you, who's lives were changed from wearing BetterBack.

 I even got a marriage proposal :)

 I've spent the past 397 days listening and learning from our backers who generously shared their ideas, feedback, frustrations and hopes with me. I took all of the INCREDIBLE feedback and worked with our super talented industrial designers + doctors, physical therapists, trainers + scores of beta testers + manufacturers to get to this moment right here, where BetterBack Therapy is truly brought to life. 

Andy & Josh, the amazing BetterBack Industrial Design team :-)
Andy & Josh, the amazing BetterBack Industrial Design team :-)

I'm so excited to be back on Kickstarter, giving first access and special discounts to the amazing backers who made BetterBack, because BetterBack Therapy & BetterBack Therapy Plus were truly made by the community, for the community. 





  How does BetterBack compare to other back support products?

  • It actually works! Check out raw and honest reviews.
  • The keystone to posture is actually your pelvis. BetterBack supports your low back (it feels like the most comfortable hug), but it's most important job is making sure your pelvis is stabilized. On a neutral pelvis, your spine rests in alignment and it stops slumping stress on your body that leads to the vast majority of back pain.
  • It's a posture trainer so you're not stuck using it forever.  Wearing BetterBack for just 15 minutes a day helps you improve your posture when you stand or sit without BetterBack. 

 Which new in BetterBack Therapy (compared to BetterBack)?

  • NEW — Heat or ice your back while you wear BetterBack, with a world class therapy pack (great for pain relief and to promote healing for your lower back) 
  • NEW — NASA memory foam padding that contours to your back for delicious comfort 
  • NEW — Two types of sitting support: BetterBack Therapy for targeted lumbar support and posture training or BetterBack Therapy Plus for broader all day sitting support 
  • NEW — Mesh pocket to insert your straps for quicker zipping NEW — Fits tall and plus size folks with up to a 55” waist 
  • NEW — Eased comfort corners for a more comfortable fit
  • NEW — Vegan for the win! We've replaced all leather by popular demand
  • UPGRADE — Knee pads that are slip resistant
  • UPGRADE — Custom straps that show inside/outside so you can place your knee pads faster 
  • UPGRADE — Stronger center clip that doesn’t slip 
  • UPGRADE — YKK zippers for easier zipping and more durability (considered the best on the market) 
  • UPGRADE — Water resistant shell


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