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GARY 2.0 : Earphones & Cables Automatic Organizer

GARY solves a most common problem of any Earphone user - Giving one a relief from struggling with tangled wires. Now slimmer !





















Before we decided to make GARY we had it on our minds for quite a while.

Living in a busy city of London , I , as millions of other people of every age and occupation traveled in public transport at least 2-3 times a day.

In order to get away from the noise and spend some quality time listening to a favorite song or an audio book , I of-course used earphones. And every time I hopped on a train or a bus and reached in to my pocket I found my earphones tangled . I bought few average winders over the next few months and couple of Chinese automatic winders with triggers and even branded once ( That actually were same Chinese winders with logo printed ) . Non of them made satisfied : average winder still felt messy in the pocket - automatic winders broke in few weeks , scratched in few days and looked horrible. What they all had in common was low quality and lack of style.

It is then when I thought : This has to be solved ! Millions of people have the same problem every single day. Same as me , thousands of people want to carry a good looking , stylish and quality built device that is easy to use. And everything market has to offer today is a "cheap" looking , glossy plastic winders.

Rest is the history - I got together with my Friend and we did some drawings , Imagined how the " Earphones best friend " should look like and feel like, a friend of everyone's earphones. So we tested different materials and spoke to several manufacturers ,found a the right one for us , sen't them prototype drawings and agreed upon everything.


So here we are now - presenting GARY to the world !








Risks and challenges

Risks and challenges

There are risks and challenges in all hardware projects, but we are mitigating them by working with some excellent manufacturing consultants.
There are also risks in manufacturing , this is why we will be managing quality control throughout production process.

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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    My 2 cents worth on Gary.. Although it is Questionable abt Gary 's campaign being a resell Camp ..that's aside first .. so I backed the origins of the "Gary" in 2014 back then via Kickstarter..the product were delivered and performing functionally but unfortunately ,the lifespan for each of the 6 i got is less than a year due to wears and tears on the spring mechanism or simply the spring went loose..and oh .fingers can get hurt too at times:) not a good gift ... So the usual applies on the caveat emptor ..Creator of Gary is not forthcoming in his current campaign upon querying and yet to deliver v1 and start upon v2.0.. Anw do support the original and give the due credits with heart and mind so please do have a look at the KS link below to understand how the product come about and the way it works without the airy frills.. If it sounds legit and good , head over to their e-site to check out how their illegimate "Gary " 's sibling have evolved to a better V3 and maybe get one or so to support them..least sure enough is you can try first lol
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