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  • My 2 cents worth on Gary.. Although it is Questionable abt Gary 's campaign being a resell Camp ..that's aside first .. so I backed the origins of the "Gary" in 2014 back then via Kickstarter..the product were delivered and performing functionally but unfortunately ,the lifespan for each of the 6 i got is less than a year due to wears and tears on the spring mechanism or simply the spring went loose..and oh .fingers can get hurt too at times:) not a good gift ... So the usual applies on the caveat emptor ..Creator of Gary is not forthcoming in his current campaign upon querying and yet to deliver v1 and start upon v2.0.. Anw do support the original and give the due credits with heart and mind so please do have a look at the KS link below to understand how the product come about and the way it works without the airy frills.. If it sounds legit and good , head over to their e-site to check out how their illegimate "Gary " 's sibling have evolved to a better V3 and maybe get one or so to support them..least sure enough is you can try first lol
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  • joelleong
    Lol @vtkc - know what you mean. Am thinking this product is targeted at the consumer audio level though =)
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  • vtkc
    As an audiophile, I cringe when I see how the wire is handled... >.<
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