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Please note this is a Crowdfunding Hunt. While Grouphunt does not guarantee the promises as advertised by the creator, what we promise is to redistribute the goods to you as soon as we receive them, similar to if you placed the pledge on your own.

Do note that we are not offering the special editions mogics in this hunt as the special editions are only limited to Kickstarter and have already been completely sold out. The only difference between the gen 1 and 2 MOGICS is the EU plug and the gen 2 MOGICS adapter is compatible with the gen 1 donut and bagel. 

The bagel is an international version while the donut is only for US sockets. Each order comes with a Bagel or Donut and a new MOGICS adapter. 

Want the Gen 1 MOGICS Power Bagel instead? Get it here

The MOGICS Donut (US version) & Bagel (International version) is the world's first and only Travel Power Strip, with 5 AC sockets (US sockets in Donut, universal sockets for Bagel), dual USB ports supporting Fast Charge, and an over 3 foot long integrated length-adjustable power cord, and an ergonomic AC plug. All this, designed to be smaller than a donut.






Once the campaign has ended, we have begun to improve the design of Donut & Bagel. The problem is, our original design of the Donut & Bagel is so compact, that any change in functionality will cause the dimension to increase and become less light and sleek -- and this is something undesirable for travelers. 

Since the Donut & Bagel itself is already the ultimate design, we focused on improving the MOGICS Adapter and some special surprises for Donut & Bagel. 


The New MOGICS Adapter has been improved in its design, structure stability, and compatibility coverage.


Stronger Structure

Previously, there was one batch where the soldering was not strong enough. So in the New MOGICS Adapter, we’ve strengthened the structure, making it even more stable when you’re overseas.



Compatibility Upgraded

Through some of your suggestions, we found a way to advance the EU plug to another level. Now, the New MOGICS adapter has you covered in France, Belgium, Czech Republic…and all the countries with type E sockets, without any need for the additional converter plug.


 Past Prototypes:

Advanced EU Plug Prototypes
Advanced EU Plug Prototypes


Integrated Replaceable Fuse

Even in such a compact product, we managed to design a spare 6.3A replaceable fuse inside. For extra safety and convenience when you’re traveling.

Durable Carry Case

Some of you gave us the feedback that the original white carry case becomes dirty quite easily because of the color and material. So we went out and sourced for a material that is dark in color, with fiber texture that is even more durable with better protection and easy access to MOGICS Adapter. 


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