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$14.90 48 MIN.


Designed in Sweden and manufactured in the USA from high-grade stainless steel, FREEKey™ rings eliminate the always challenging operation of a traditional key ring by opening with the simple press of the ring. Featuring a brilliant and simple design FREEKey™ rings achieve enhanced ease of operation by introducing a strategically placed bump in one of the ring loops - essentially creating a pivot that allows the end of the ring to lift when the ring is pressed.


FREEKey™ system includes three small accessory rings for organizing keys. The accessory rings are small rings that organize your keys in easy to identify groups that can be conveniently removed and returned to the master ring with the press of the ring.


  • Made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Made in the USA


  •  Accessory Rings (3 pc)



Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Jeff
    The traditional key ring system is actually good because the keys splay out, and don't create bulk in your pocket. What you want to solve, though is that pesky insertion and removal problem (also a problem with pretty much every non-key ring type system, btw). The FREEKey solves this very nicely. No more messing with fingernails and hard-to-open key rings! Forget stupid minimalist keyholders that force you to carry a set number of keys, or make it difficult for you to remove and add keys. With the FREEKey you get all of the advantages of the standard key ring... and none of the disadvantage!
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