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Children’s Fear of The Dark Finally Defeated!!

Terry Sachetti, Inventor & Aaron Bible, CEO of The Glow Company present our patented Force Field Cloak™. Lay your cloak underneath a bright light for 10-15 minutes to charge the Force Field and watch it glow all night (8+ hours). It does not require the use of batteries or electricity. The fabric and glow ink are all natural and non-toxic, perfectly safe for every household.  

Remember when we were kids and afraid of the dark- unable to fall asleep for fear of monsters under the bed or in the closet? We would hide under our blankets because we believed they had the power to protect us. Millions of children worldwide experience fear of the dark at night, and parents struggle to find a solution. The Force Field™ Cloak helps children feel safe, eliminating fear of the dark and allowing them to get a good night's rest.

We all remember a night like this
We all remember a night like this

Force Field is something that children are able to understand and love. The Force Field Cloaks have been tested on thousands of kids, and the first thing they all say when the lights go out is “WOW!”, followed quickly by “I want one”.

Five chlidren wearing their favorite Cloaks
Five chlidren wearing their favorite Cloaks

How the idea came about:

Just like every other child, Terry remembers his own nighttime fears as a kid. “I remember when I was young and afraid of the dark. I would lie in my bed at night, and my imagination would start getting the best of me. I would start thinking that someone or something was going to grab my foot that was hanging over the side of the bed. When that happened, I would put my foot back under my blanket where I knew I was safe. Nothing could get me under my blanket. No boogiemen, no aliens, no monsters under my bed, nothing. Sound familiar?”  

Terry has four children who also experienced fear of the dark growing up. He tried to tell his children there was nothing to be afraid of, however they would either hide under their blankets or end up sleeping between him and his wife.  

“That’s when I got the idea to make something that looked like, what we had already given our blankets the power to do. I came up with the idea of a Force Field™ Cloak. Everyone knows that a Force Field is the ultimate protection shield. Now, children can have their very own Force Field, to protect them from their fears.”

Testimonials: Kids love their Force Fields

Force Field Product Info:

Force Fields are lightweight, easy to carry and the perfect size for children. Dimensions are 40 inches wide by 54 inches long. The fabric is an all natural non-toxic fleece. It is perfect for the Ebes to weave their powerful Force Field designs on and for children to snuggle with.  


Our patented Force Fields use proprietary glow in the dark ink. They glow brighter and longer (8+ hours) than any other product on the market. The instructions for use are simple: lay your cloak underneath a bright light for 10-15 minutes to charge the Force Field. A black light was used in the video to super charge the Force Field, taking approximately thirty seconds. You do not need a black light for your Force Field, but it's always a fun way to enhance the playability.  
The first question we always get: “is it safe?” Parents, you will happy to know that Force Fields are totally safe. Force Fields use a non-toxic organic glow in the dark ink.  
Cold-water wash, air tumble dry, no ironing or bleach and your Force Field will glow for years. 

Our Plan:

The Force Field Cloak is ready: R&D, prototypes, manufacturing test runs, market testing and packaging all have been completed. We need your support so we can finalize our packaging and place our first production order.

5 Force Field Cloaks to choose from:

 Force Field Blue Honeycomb

 Force Field Hot Pink Flower

 Force Field Green Grid

 Force Field Orange Spiral

 Force Field Blue Star

Purple Blackhole

Lights On - Lights Off

Bring your Force Field to bed

These smiling girls are not afraid of the dark with their Force Field Cloaks.
These smiling girls are not afraid of the dark with their Force Field Cloaks.


Boy wrapped up in his Force Field Cloak, no fear of the dark now.
Boy wrapped up in his Force Field Cloak, no fear of the dark now.

Let's talk about Fun

Force Field Cloaks are not only the solution to children's nighttime fears but are a ton of fun. There are as many ways to play with the Force Field as a child can think of. But here are a few very popular ways kids have shown us.

You can make designs on them with a flashlight or use stencils!!

Force Field using stencils
Force Field using stencils

 Leave your Force Field in the closet all day, then take it out and write on it with a flashlight!

You can use a flashlight too
You can use a flashlight too

How about making silhouettes or shadows of yourself and your favorite toys. Kids have endless fun doing this.

This girl made her own shadow on her Force Field Cloak
This girl made her own shadow on her Force Field Cloak

 Another favorite is to make a tent out of your Force Field, charge it up and get under it as if you are in a dome of light or on the holodeck of the USS Enterprise. You know how kids like to play under their blankets with something that glows or with a flashlight. Well this is a whole new level of fun.

Playing under your Force Field Cloaks is the next level of awesome.
Playing under your Force Field Cloaks is the next level of awesome.

How about converting your Force Field into a high-tech landscape for all your action figures and toys, letting your imagination go wild.

High-Tech play surface for your actions figures and toys
High-Tech play surface for your actions figures and toys

 We Care

We are passionate about Force Field Cloaks because we love children. Watching the distress a child goes through because they are afraid of the dark is both heartbreaking and frustrating without the proper solution. We empathize with families whose children are experiencing fear of the dark. The Glow Company believes Force Field Cloaks are not just a product, they are a solution for everyone.

Our Guarantee:

The Glow Company guarantees that no monsters or aliens will harm your child when cloaked in the Force Field or your money-back.


Force Fields are actually made by small creatures from the galaxy called Quaytar. These small creatures are called Ebes. They are the weavers of the Force Fields. They have recently arrived on Earth to help children who are afraid of the dark, and to battle the Forces of Fear. Terry and Aaron from the Glow Company are helping them out. Aaron has not seen a live Ebe yet but Terry talks to them all the time. Ebes are made up of pure Force Field energy and are members of the TriStar-4 Cosmic Intelligence Alliance. Their friends, the TriStar-4 Cosmic Intelligence Alliance, will be joining them on earth soon to help battle the Forces of Fear. Here is a sneak peek of the Ebes. Each Ebe speaks in a different musical tone and it can be quite interesting when they all talk at once. Their musical tone names cannot be translated into words so each Ebe must be adopted and given an Earth name.

These are the Ebes, the weavers of all the Force Fields.
These are the Ebes, the weavers of all the Force Fields.
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