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We set out to revolutionize fashion techwear - starting with the classic white dress shirt. Made with heart and precision. Paying close attention to details, combined with high quality Sorona cotton fabric and latest hydrophobic nanotechnology results in nothing less than a masterpiece.





Having a shirt made out of Fooxmet hydrophobic nanotech material means freedom in so many ways. Long gone will be the days when one had to be anxious about where they walked or what they sipped. Whether it’s a set of work or dinner, involving coffee spill or rains, Fooxmet white shirt fits the situation perfectly. The stain is easy to clean after the special treatment. Sweat and stains are removable in a basic wash.




A shirt like this one doesn’t need to be ironed because of the simple fact that it doesn’t crease. The material will also make it stain repellant making it easy to wash. The liquid that is repelled carries particles of dirt off with it, making it essentially self-cleaning. So when your shirt or dress gets stained, all you can just pull out a handkerchief and wipe it clean. With the natural quality of Sorona fabric, our shirt becomes effortlessly soft and endlessly flexible. Whether you spin it, weave it or wear it, it still retains its shape.










We use premium sustainable Sorona cotton fabric for the perfect function & comfort balance. Although the pores of the fabric are liquid repellent, with Sorona cotton fabric, it is still breathable. The wearer, therefore, wouldn’t have to worry about sweating when it is hot and focus on work, boosting productivity.

Our shirt use 72% combed cotton and 28% Sorona fabric, which is breathable and comfortable to wear. Combed cotton: A kind of cotton that has been combed to make the yarn stronger and softer. Combed cotton is considered as higher quality and softer cotton than regular cotton. Sorona: DuPond scientists found a way to produce PDO - a building block . It’s the fiber that defines softness, with a resilience that is beyond limits.








Fluoro-organic chemicals, have been used as stain and water resistant coatings for fabrics to develop stain-repellent textiles. The nanotechnology works by modifying the fabric molecules. The hydrophobic properties are locked into the weave of the fabric, which makes liquids bead-up and roll off the fabric surface.

Simplicity and emptiness yield the ultimate universality, embracing the feelings and thoughts of all people. Our Japanese designer put Meticulous attention to detail combines with stunning design to create the Fooxmet white shirt.

The men's model features a classic collar with front button down placket.The side pleats are specially designed for men to widen the shoulder visually. The curved concealed hemline makes you still looks good and trendy even when the shirt is not tucked in the suit pants.

The women's model features a pointed collar with front button covered to avoid accidental exposure. The box pleats are specially designed for women to narrow the shoulder visually. The curved concealed hemline adds more fashion design to the shirt.



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