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Flick and Stick is designed to accommodate standard consumer tape widths of 24mm-25mm (or approximately 1").

Since the invention of modern adhesive tape more than 80 years ago, the world has been asking one question. "Where is the end of that tape?"
Just Flick and Stick it!
Just Flick and Stick it!

The answer - Flick and Stick! With its patent pending flick action, Flick and Stick allows you to effortlessly locate and cut that difficult to find end of tape. Then when you're finished it conveniently sticks back down to the roll ready for next time. Never fumble for that edge of tape again.   

The revolutionary tape dispenser - Unlike your traditional bulky dispenser. Flick and Stick revolves around the outside of a roll as the tape unwinds while the specially designed internal body clip keeps it captured to the roll.

Literally the revolutionary tape dispenser.
Literally the revolutionary tape dispenser.

Free yourself from your bulky old dispenser - Flick and Stick's incredibly low profile design is a stylish and functional way to store and dispense your tape. Using a fraction of the material conventional dispensers use at just 8 grams (0.3 oz) and 100% recyclable, it's the obvious choice in sustainability.     

Flick and Stick is a neat and secure stand to hold your tape.
Flick and Stick is a neat and secure stand to hold your tape.

Convenient - Flick and Stick is designed to fit into your everyday life. Use it around the home, at work, take it with you or leave it on your desk. The possibilities are endless.    

Flick and Stick goes where you do.
Flick and Stick goes where you do.

Economical design - Flick and Stick is completely reusable and works with a wide variety of tapes with widths of 24mm, 25mm or 1". Just clip it to the roll and you're ready to go.     

The story - Flick and Stick is the product of over 5 years of research and development in the quest to make the most user friendly and minimal solution to the age-old problem of finding that free end of tape. The goal we have set is the minimum we need to start creating the first generation of tooling for this product. With your help we can make this exciting new product a reality.     

Additional Information: Go To Original Link
  • Kenn
    Oh. Just saw the delivery date. Thanks. :)
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  • Kenn
    Is this authentic? KS shows item will only ship in 2018...
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    Hey Kenn! Yeap, this is definitely authentic! We have teamed up with the Kickstarter team to bring this hunt to you guys! :) As you may have noticed, our estimated delivery date is in Feb 2018. We often partner with makers to help extend the reach of their products, share their brand and stories and of course, provide the best value to our community while their crowdfunding campaign is still live on Kickstarter or Indiegogo! :)
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