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We've created the world's first foldable, easy to store, travel-friendly pullup bar. I'm thrilled to introduce you to Flexr. 

Flexr works just like any other pullup bar, with one big difference: once you finish your workout, it folds up to a 2 ft by 1 ft by 6 inch form that's compact and easy to store.


Traditional pullup bars are bulky, difficult to store, and impossible to travel with. It's a bulky contraption that people handle with difficulty. It's something people have tolerated for too long - no more!

Hi - My name's Derek, I'm the co-founder of the Flexr pullup bar. I had two main problems with traditional pullup bars:

1) There's nowhere to store them. They just take up so much space.

2) They're impossible to travel with. Every time I went traveling, I had to break my workout routine. 

Where do you put a pullup bar? Most of the time it looked like this - somewhere out of place:

That's why I decided to create the Flexr, the world's first foldable pullup bar.

Keeping up a consistent workout routine is difficult enough. It's even harder when you have to stop and restart your workout routine. Every time you break your routine, it makes it much more difficult to get things started again. Most people have to break their routine when they go traveling.

That's why I wanted to have a pullup bar that I could carry with me no matter where I went. Having a pullup bar that you can take with you anywhere you go makes it easy to keep up your routine - whether you're at home or in Africa.


The Flexr is a major upgrade over most other pullup bars - even if you're not traveling. Why?

Most pullup bars are so bulky that there's no practical place to put them. With Flexr, you can easily slip it under your bed or in a spare drawer. It goes from a "where do I put this thing?" to an afterthought. 


So, how do you actually use the Flexr? 

It's easy: just latch the pullup bar into your doorway. The sturdy top side lays on top of the door, while the door grips go on the other side. 

Then you're ready to get started with your workout!




You're ambitious and adventurous. You want to enjoy life to the fullest and experience all that the world has to offer.

But you can’t do it unless you are taking care of your body and working out.

You can only work hard and play hard when you’ve got an abundance of energy and vitality from eating health and working out. 

Using a pull-up bar is a great way to improve your workout. The problem is, common products on the market are ugly, hard to store and can’t easily be traveled with. 

Most pull up bars force you to sacrifice your apartment space, and don’t travel well. 

You shouldn’t need to make sacrifices when it comes to working out. 

So, as product designers with over 10 years of experience, who have used dozens of pull-up bars in the past 15 years of our lives, we made something better.

Flexr is made of three light yet durable materials:

  • The top door rest is made of injection molded plastic. That's the same stuff that iPhone cases are made from.
  • The bars themselves are made from bent steel. The same type of steel used in steam ships.
  • The center latch is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. 

The entire pullup bar only weighs 6 pounds. You can slip it in your luggage, without tipping over those pesky airline weight limits.



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