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FIXATE Gel pads have a large surface area which makes them:

  1. Strong
  2. Versatile
  3. Malleable
  4. Extremely versatile
  5. Easily compliments to your devices, style and home

Spice up your home or be the life of the party when you walk in with beer bottles upside down!

Fixate Gel Pads are super sticky, however if the object you're trying to hold is precious or heavy you should test the hold in a safe environment and use more than one Fixate Gel Pad to securely hold your object to the desired surface. Another important factor affecting the overall strength capabilities of the design is the surface type and shape you are trying to stick to. The same applies for the surface of the object you are securing, as a rule of thumb the more surface area the better. Fixate Gel Pads, Frosted Concepts and any related persons or groups are not liable in any way for any damage to your belongings, surfaces or self when using Fixate Gel Pads.

Fixate Gel Pads are malleable, mold them around anything!


Grouphunt Deal

We've never seen an interest check fill up like this, thank you to the Grouphunt community! For this hunt, we're going to use the power of group-buying and stick together to unlock amazing prices. Be like Fixate Gel Pads, and stick together!. So bring your friends in, any and all of them that loves things like this!

For this hunt choose between 3 different Fixate Gel Pads: Clear Circle, Original Pack (+$2 RP $10) and Strips (+$2 RP $10). 

Clear Circle

Transparent Fixate Gel Pad
Just like the Black Fixate Gel Pad, only clear!
For when you want to stick a little more subtly.

Containing one super sticky Transparent Circle Fixate Gel Pad

Original Pack

The Original Fixate Gel Pads Pack
Containing one of each super sticky shape, a triangle and a circle.




Strip Fixate Gel Pads
For Fixating any way you wish.

 Pack contains 4 Strip Shape Fixate Gel Pads.


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