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The time to lunch in style is NOW!

  • 100% Leakproof and Microwave safe.  Take it everywhere without fear and heat when required.  Perfect for the working warrior!
  • Pair it with the proprietary app to hit your diet goals!
  • Compartments help you to ensure you're packing a balanced meal.
  • Sleek and contemporary design will make you the envy of your co-workers.

Grouphunt Deal includes ONE Fittbo Ultimate Lunchbox in your choice of colour (White or Black).  

Note -  that the Black offering is a stretch goal that is yet to be unlocked.  As the Kickstarter campaign is nearing that stretch goal amount, we have decided to offer the Black variation in faith that it will be unlocked.  In the event that the stretch goal is not met, all orders will be regarded as White.

Fittbo - The Ultimate Lunchbox




Food - it influences how we feel, how we look, how healthy we are. The easiest way to have a healthy lifestyle and stay fit is to eat proper, and having the right food at an easy reach makes this so much easier.

We created Fittbo to be the ultimate food box:

  • easy to use
  • easy to clean
  • 100% leakproof
  • the food tray is microwave safe
  • designed around a contemporary lifestyle, always on the go
  • Thermo-insulated to keep the food fresh through the day
  • compartmented so it would make having the right amount of nutrients extremely simple  



A Black Edition will be available as an option! We will announce the extended goal in the next update!
A Black Edition will be available as an option! We will announce the extended goal in the next update!




Fittbo is compartmented based on the ideal dinner plate for an adult.

For the main course, you have 1/2 of the space for vegetables 1/4 for low GI carbohydrates and 1/4 for lean protein,

And to have enough fuel for a full day, there are two small compartments for healthy snacks! These are a really important part of every diet. They help keep the appetite under control so you won't go and eat the first thing that comes into your mind!


The food has to be kept fresh, so Fittbo has a smart thermo-insulation incorporated in the design!
The food has to be kept fresh, so Fittbo has a smart thermo-insulation incorporated in the design!





To help with your diet and goals, we will have a dedicated app that will complement perfectly the lunchbox! It will calculate your calories by what you put in each compartment, will provide you with healthy choices and it remind you to have a variate diet. 

The app will provide suggestions base on your past selections! 

For example: if there's a type of snack with certain vitamins you haven't eaten in a while it will remind you to include it in the future preparations!


  • The size is 9.25inch x 9.25inch x 1.59 inch - 23.5cm x 23.5cm x 4cm, the best size for it to be carried comfortably while still having enough food for the day!
  • it weighs less than 500 grams
  • The materials used are all premium and food safe! Made From the Highest Quality 100% Food Grade BPA Free Plastic 
Additional Information: Go To Original Link
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